Friday, 6 January 2012

Bodyline Review Jan 2012- Positive

It is time for me to review Bodyline again! Over December, Bodyline were doing special shipping (in fact, I think there is a new one for January too, so do go and check it out before the end of Jan!) so I decided to use some of my Christmas money to buy a few new basics and a couple of things which I can't show you in case a certain group of local lolitas is looking!

Ordering- This was pretty straight forward considering I have used Bodyline many times. The website is definitely a lot faster now. I heard a few people had problems ordering from Bodyline over December, but I had no issues so I am assuming Bodyline have now fixed any problems they were having.

Shipping- Inevitably, this was a little slower than usual, what with it being the festive season. However, if you minus all the bank holidays, my order actually arrived in a similar amount of time. I chose air shipping and it was about one day slower than EMS. My only complaint is not with Bodyline, but with Parcelforce. Parcelforce's website is awful and I found it very hard to keep up-to-date with my tracking. So I had to use the Japanese tracking page, which doesn't work as well when the parcel gets to its destination country. So the delivery man took me by surprise, because I thought my parcel was still being processed at the depot.

Packaging- The bag it was posted in survived the journey well and there was just one small tear (which you can see near the top of the picture, where a red Bodyline bag is poking through). There was also a Japanese sticker which said 'fragile' on it. I assume this is because I ordered some shoes. And speaking of shoes, Bodyline did not pack my shoes securely. Once again, they were just wrapped in tissue paper with those shoe inserts stuffed inside. I have seen pictures of Bodyline shoes boxes so I know they exist! Thankfully, the shoes were not damaged.

These are the shoes in question. These are shoes 167 in light purple. I intend to keep adding purple to my wardrobe after introducing it to my wardrobe last year, and these are my first purple shoes. They are a delicate lilac shade, and the website picture is quite accurate. The actual shoes may be a tiny bit darker. It is a very simple design with just a heart buckle on the side, but for $27 it was worth it. I am thinking of adding some shoe clips to these at some point.

However, I did notice that the shoes were slightly bigger than usual. I don't know if the size difference is that obvious in this picture, but the purple shoes are bigger and they are both meant to be size 250. I am probably going to need a pair of insoles for these. The strap meant that my feet felt secure, but there was a ridiculous amount of toe wiggle room. If you buy these shoes, try a size smaller. Despite this, I do really like the shoes.

I also got a basic pair of pink over-the-knee socks. I already had some pink socks, but I felt I needed more! The socks are lovely and soft. I don't think they are going to stay up when I am wearing them, so I might need to keep pulling them up during the day. I have had this with Bodyline socks before so I knew what to expect. I am very happy with these.

I also got cardigan L072 in red because I felt my wardrobe desperately needed some more red. The cardigan is really soft. I probably wouldn't wear it if the weather outside was very cold, but it would be perfect for Spring, Summer and milder Autumn/Winter weather. The colour is lovely and rich. I also love how the cardigan is cropped, so it is perfect to wear over lolita dresses.

A close-up of the sleeve end. The lace doesn't look to bad for Bodyline.

You can't really see it in this picture, but the buttons are heart shaped. I love my new cardigan. I think it is my favourite item from this order.

I also got a few small bits. The reason I can't show you is because they will be prizes for the February Ox Loli anniversary meet! All you need to know is that these items were well made, a good price and I really hope my fellow Ox Lolis will like them. I might post some pictures of what I got after the meet has passed.

So overall, there were a few minor problems but I consider this to be a positive experience. But I already knew that my shoes would not be shipped in a box, and in all fairness, the shoes were not damaged.. Maybe one day I will finally get one of those elusive Bodyline shoe boxes!


  1. Oh, I've also bought my first shoes from Bodyline. I've took a 260 because I wanted to make sure, they fit ... usually I'd need a 250, too. Would you say, the Bodyline shoes are a bit small-sized? Is it necessary to take a bigger size? (I guess, you don't know what German shoe size would be the equivalent to yours...?)
    By the way, I really like your blog!! ^-^

  2. I have one of those elusive Bodyline shoe boxes... ;)
    I think they ship without the box for space/weight reasons. Since a box could tear the bag. It would mean that they would have to ship out their orders in boxes rather than the bags, which would probably increase the shipping a bit...?

  3. M-chen- I think it varies a lot but there are shoes where you should go up a size. It is a bit trial and error I am afraid :( I am actually a 245, but I always order 250 because I have wide feet and sometimes Bodyline shoes are a bit narrow. If I am worried about the size, I prefer to go a size up because it would be a lot worse trying to fit my feet in to shoes that are too small.

    And thank you! <3

    Machiko- That would make sense! I think Bodyline knows they get more customers with cheap shipping but that means having to cut things elsewhere. I guess I will have to try ordering different things together to see if I finally get a box :)

  4. Great review! I've been dying to buy shoes from them but I am still working on how I can find shoes my size. Hopefully one day I can order shoes from here. If not, Qutieland did great with my coat and were very helpful. xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. Yeah, this is the first time I have had issues with Bodyline shoe sizing. If you don't want to take a risk, then fair enough! It is important to make sure your shoes fit you well!


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