Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Yes!!!! Bodyline flat rate shipping is back!

Bodyline have brought back their fixed shipping rates! Air is fixed at $20 and sea at $10. Considering how slow sea can be, I am very grateful to see the $20 air rate back. I guess this means that more people will be holding Bodyline group orders again.

So this is brilliant news! Bodyline, please keep the $20 rate. I love you a lot more when I am getting cheap shipping.


    Now I'm pretty glad I waited it out and didn't buy anything from BL when the shipping was higher. ^ ^;

    Though from what I hear, SEA shipping isn't all that bad. I heard from a girl that it only took about two weeks to get to her. :O ...Then again, I suppose you can't really be 100% sure with only one person choosing that option.

    ...BUT YESH. Now I can buy a coat I've been wanting! THANK YOU BODYLIIINE

  2. I'm so glad about this! But all their products are so expensive now that I still can't buy anything! The dresses I wanted are £40 each, and the boots I wanted were that too. So I'm still having to go without Dx

  3. HannahxLove- I have heard a few people complaining about their sea shipping and it taking quite a few weeks to arrive. I suppose if the order is not urgent, then it is a good choice. I don't think I mind paying $10 extra to get it quicker! But it is good to know some people are having a positive experience :)

    Abbey- I am exactly the same! I want some boots but I can't get them at the moment. I waited to see if they were in the September sale, but they didn't include them.

  4. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSS there's so much stuff I've been wanting to buy for ages but I just couldn't afford that crazy shipping! XD So excited right now!

  5. I bet there will be lots of people placing orders now! I am so happy <3


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