Monday, 24 October 2011

A Western Take On the BB Cream?

BB creams. They have always been a mystery to me. BB creams are huge in Asia, some dubbing it some sort of "miracle product" that has so many different uses. In the past I have considered buying an Asian BB cream. A lot of people appear to like Skin79 Triple Function and I came close to purchasing this one from YesStyle-

There is one thing that has always held me back. I dislike how a lot of Asian BB creams claim to whiten the skin. Considering how pale my skin is, I don't want my skin getting any whiter! I know that there are exceptions out there and I would love to hear about them!

Just recently, it appears that BB creams have spread to the West. I figured that these products were unlikely to have skin whiteners in them because there is less demand for this over here.

So I decided to try the Garnier BB cream. It comes in 2 colours and I chose the lighter colour. It costs about £10 in most UK stores. However, I held out buying the cream and sure enough, Garnier's website started offering free samples (yes, I know how cheap I sound, but I like to try before I buy!).

If you are in the UK or Ireland and would like a free sample too, you can get it here- and if you live in a different country, do look for your own country's Garnier website because they may be offering samples too. In your sample pack you get 3 sachets of BB Cream and a voucher for money off your next BB purchase.

I have not tried the BB cream yet but I did open one of the sachets very quickly just to see what it looked like. I placed a little bit on my finger and it felt greasy and despite being called light, the product looked quite dark. I am a bit dubious about putting it on my face.

Once I have tried the product, I will see how good it really is. I will let you all know how I get on with it. I am desperate to do a comparison with an Asian BB cream, so if anybody can recommend one without whitening, please share!


  1. Thanks for writing about this! I've been really curious about this too :D

  2. You are welcome. I can't wait to see how well it works!

  3. i think bb cream is overrated. I just don't get it. I've tried two. My skin isn't any better after using BB cream for months. My skin is not bleached, smoother or anything. I thought bb cream would help me even out my skin tone, but seriously, it's just like any make up base..

  4. That is what I suspect. I just want to see why it is so hyped. A lot of people like them and I want to know why!

    Zeruda, if you didn't see any bleaching I am assuming that the whitening is not too harsh? Maybe I could try some of those ones after all.

  5. I´ve bought this BB cream recently (out of curiosity, and to see if it evened out my face better for cosplay purposes). I´d never used a BB cream before. I noticed that it isn´t advertised as "whitening", unlike asian ones... I´ll write a review of it soon, it´ll be interesting to compare notes. :)

  6. I will be very interested to compare our findings Laia!

  7. I know this is in French, but you can probably Google Translate it, I hope this helps!
    >> <<

  8. That link was very helpful! Thank you <3


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