Wednesday, 12 October 2011

That had better be a typo AP... the Country of Sweets re-release

So I was browsing the English Angelic Pretty site when I came across the Country Sweets re-release. Only, I got a little distracted when I saw that AP appear to be making skirts out of urine...

Up until now, I had no idea that there was a material called urine! If anybody has a better idea of what AP are on about, then do fill me in because I am feeling a little disturbed right now.

Wee jokes aside, I did want to discuss the Country Sweets re-release today, mainly because it took me by surprise. Of all the possible prints AP could have released again, I wouldn't have thought Country Sweets was that good a choice. I didn't think it was that popular to begin with.

I can understand why AP may hold back re-releasing certain prints because with less dresses, the demand is more intense. And then if they do re-release these prints, they sell out instantly. Just look at Melty Chocolate and Sugary Carnival. People wanted them so badly, that there was a huge rush to get them at retail price instead of the hiked-up re-sale prices. However, I am still holding out for a Starry Night Theater re-release. (Hint hint, AP!)

Despite not finding Country Sweets particularly special, I do actually think it is good that AP are re-releasing an older print. If this re-release goes well, AP may consider re-doing other older AP prints. I know that some people prefer older AP, back in the days where prints were not so overcrowded.

This re-release has led to AP releasing some jewellery too.

This cake ring is huge! It looks comically over-sized but I think it suits AP. However, I can't help but feel that it looks like something you could pick up from Claire's for a lot less money.

My favourite item is the Gingerbread man ring. It looks good enough to eat! It is a very cute ring and it would work with a lot of sweet prints or maybe a Christmas themed outfit. But I do think it would be even cuter if AP hadn't used the little gems and did a line of little chocolate drops for the buttons.

So whilst I think this re-release is okay, it doesn't look as if AP fans are rushing out to grab these items this time. As I have already mentioned, I would love a Starry Night Theatre re-release but I would love to know what re-release other lolitas would like to see!


  1. I......would totally die of happiness if AP re-released Starry Night Theater. It was my first ever dream dress. Still is. I want it so badly in that gorgeous blue.....*sighs dreamily*

  2. I love SNT so much that I would happily get it in any colour. But the blue version is my favourite!


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