Monday, 10 October 2011

October 2011 Oxfordshire Lolita Meet!

The Oxfordshire Lolitas had their October meet on Saturday! This is the first Ox meet I have been to since the one I hosted in July. It felt odd not writing about the meets over August and September. The dress theme was trick or treat and many of us did gothic. As you probably already know, I FINALLY wore my Fairy Tale skirt and bonnet by Meta. In the end, I had to give up my ideas for a more elaborate outfit. I had to make sure I was able to walk because we were going on a ghost walk in the evening. So the outfit may not be as crazy or exciting as people were hoping. I can assure you that my wilder ideas have all been written down for later use!

So here it is, my not-so daring-but-hopefully-still-pretty outfit-

The rundown-
Bonnet and Skirt- Metamorphose
Bolero and blouse (not shown)- Bodyline
Everything else- offbrand

I decided to wrap ivy around my leg and I was very impressed that I did not ladder my tights at all! There was also some ivy tucked in to my bonnet. I don't really know where I got the idea for the ivy. It just sort of came to me. Originally, I was meant to have flowers and butterflies running down the ivy but I thought it might make my legs look bulky. The ivy and the flowers with my bonnet were actually decorations from my wedding. Considering that this print reminds me of my wedding (I had a pink/purple theme with butterflies and cages) I thought I should include more of my wedding influences. So this outfit holds a lot of special meaning to me. I layered my Meta skirt on top of the black Bodyline skirt I recently got in the sale. I did this because I wanted to show off the crown lace. I thought the best way to do this would be to have a dark background.

This picture shows off the bonnet details the best. Pulling silly faces is compulsory for an Oxfordshire Lolita! Here I am with Jenni, one of the 2 co-hosts (Naomi being the other host). Jenni wore the Oo Jia Vampire Requiem replica. I can honestly say that it was a lot nicer than I was expecting. The fabric feels lovely and soft and only slightly shiny. The print looks just like the original.

We ended up walking around Christ Church and then we went down to the river.

And here is the group shot!
Back row left to right- Jenni (in VR replica), Niamh, Roxy (in Miracle Candy. I forgot to ask if it was real or replica. I have never seen MC in person!), Me in Meta, Raine, Amber, Louise (in Putomayo. Again, I forgot to ask if it was real or replica!) and Beau, who was not in lolita this time, but I was soooooo happy to see her!
Front row- Naomi and Michelle (in Circus Tutu by BABY)

We went on a ghost walk hosted by the amazing Bill Spectre. I highly recommend his tour, which starts at Oxford Castle. It was an amazing tour and Bill Spectre was so funny. He kept calling me Bo Peep! In fact, a lot of people called me Bo Peep that day, but I didn't mind. When we were walking to the train station later in the evening, I even got offered free sambuca! Sadly, we had to catch the train! Michelle loved Beau's outfit so much that she went out, bought it and then put it on in the Pizza Hut toilets!

Jenni made us all gift bags. I loved everything I got but my favourite item was this purple butterfly ring. I even put it on during the day!

I think it is fair to say, that this was a brilliant meet. I had a lot of fun, even though my bloomers kept falling down (embarrassing!). I probably wont be attending the November Ox meet but I will make sure I can be there in December. I can tell it will be great!


  1. I really love your co-ord, mixing the roses and ivy looks really unique. Sounds like that was a really fun meet :) nice to see other lolis enjoying ghost walks

  2. Thank you. I am glad you like it! I have always wanted to go on a ghost walk so I am so glad this was organised for the meet <3

  3. *sigh* I envy how nice the Oxfordshire lolis seem...your coord is lovely.

  4. Thank you! I think I am lucky, because a lot of the UK lolitas are very nice!


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