Thursday, 27 October 2011

My Sweet mate Kumya's Honey Hunt by Baby

Today I am discussing the new Baby print. To save time, I am going to call it Honey Hunt from now on. The full print name is in this post's title! This series has 2 dresses, a skirt, a blouse, socks, 4 different hair accessories and some jewellery featuring Usakumya's friends. After looking at all the print close-ups, I am not sure that Usakumya features in this print at all (unless Kumya features without the bunny hood). The print focuses on Usakumya's friends instead.

This is the Judy JSK. The shape of the bodice looks good, but I couldn't help noticing that the material looks a little loose and baggy around the front. It might cause unflattering gaps when worn. Smaller lolitas should have a look at the other JSK. The waist bow is generous in size and looks a pretty shape. I wouldn't have put lace on the waist bow, because it is big enough already. I think the waist bow would make a good emergency headbow, so thankfully it is detachable. The bodice has a raised panel, which gives the dress a bit more depth and will add volume to smaller busted ladies. The raised part has a printed bow theme, which is finished with a real bow in the middle. The little bow fits in well with the dress and I prefer it to the waist bow. The lace used on the bodice is very pretty and the rose lace matches the flowers in the print. The straps are a little thin, but the lace helps to add some width. There is a panel of shirring on the back, which is hidden well by a ribbon corset. The shirring panel is finished off neatly with 2 lines of lace. The waist ties could have had rose shaped buttons to mix the floral part of the print, but the heart buttons used are cute. The skirt part has a pretty rounded shape. It will probably flare outwards well and will accommodate lots of petticoat. The skirt has a lot of gathering but it doesn't obscure the print too much. I like how plain the skirt is, because it means you are more focused on the print when you look at the dress. The bottom hem is finished off with a tidy line of pretty looking lace.

This is the Sophie JSK. In a few of the stock photos, the outline of the bodice looked a bit lumpy but in others it doesn't look so bad. This dress takes advantage of the stripy ribbon part of the print. I really like the waist on this dress because the print makes it look as though the dress has a belt and it gives the impression of a small waist. The front has 3 bows made of stripy ribbon. It matches well with the dress and they are well spaced out. There are also vertical lines of lace running up the bodice. While the lace looks cute and doesn't look out of place, I think I would like the dress more without the lace. the lace may be pretty, but I prefer the lace used on the other dress. The straps continue the stripy ribbon theme. The straps on this dress are a little thicker and the lace is nicely shaped. The back has a decent sized shirring panel and it is covered by a ribbon corset. The ribbon is well spaced. The skirt has a good, generous shape to it. The overall shape is affected a tiny bit by the horizontal line of lace, but the lace is heart shaped and it looks very cute. Cute items are a good idea for an Usakumya series! The print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is finished off with some nice quality lace.

This is one of the print close-ups, here shown in Chocolate/Strawberry. Other colours avaiable are ivory/caramel, brown/brown and black/black. The chocolate/strawberry and brown/brown colourways are beautiful. I think my least favourite is the ivory. The colours used in this print are pale, and look washed out on ivory. I think having a darker background means you can see the bears a lot better. The print is very cute! The bears are doing different things, so there are lots of different things to see. I like the detailing on the glass jars. The bits at the bottom features names of different types of honey, so it features words like 'manuka'. My only complaint is the lack of Usakumya. I don't think Usakumya's friends are as popular as Usakumya. However, the print is still very pretty and hopefully Usakumya fans wont be put off buying this.

The socks for this series are adorable. They feature one of Usakumya's friends (I forget all their names!). I like the chocolate hearts and the 'Baby' part made of swirly honey.

Normally I dislike animal style hats and headpieces but surprisingly, I do like this furry bear headbow! It looks so warm and inviting. The ears are shaped well and I like the positioning of the bows. I don't think I suit pieces like this but I can think of several people who would look adorable wearing this.

I think this is a very cute series! I hope Usakumya fans will like it. The dress designs are good but I prefer the first JSK (the Judy one). I think the brown/brown colour looks the best. Would I buy from this series? Possibly. I think this series may be a little too cute for some people. It wont be going on my dream print list, but I wouldn't mind owning it.


  1. These look so beautiful! I love the first dress the most. And I, myself am not a big fan of animal hats either but I have to say it's extremely adorable. Thank you for sharing this!

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. I wish I could pull off the hat!

  3. I think this print is super cute! I think the bear ear headdress is super cute in my opinion, but I wouldn't want to be considered "Cosplay Lolita" :c

  4. I absolutely want to give that hat a try... >.< I would love to match my usakumya.....however, I it´s basically the only thing I like in the whole set.

  5. I think with hats like these, the way you wear them is very important. They seem to be growing in popularity now!


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