Monday, 3 October 2011

Kitchen envy!

I am going to do a small post today because I have a headache. After a rubbish Summer, England is suddenly having a mini heatwave and I wilt at the first sign of warmer weather!

So on Saturday I went to Beau's birthday party, which was held at her mum's house. Not only was the food provided absolutely amazing (Beau's mum is indeed the queen of puddings!) but I was stunned by how much effort and detail was put in to the day. It was brilliant to see everybody, especially Sammi and Beau who I have both missed a lot.

And I now wish I could have a kitchen like Beau's mum's kitchen. I should have taken more photographs because I loved everything about that room!

Cupcake shelf! I loved the cupcake selection. There was an even bigger cupcake, which is not in shot.

Sorry Michelle, but this was the best photo I had of this part of the kitchen! I could have spent all night reading at the amusing fridge magnets on the fridge and I love the tins on top of the fridge. The kitchen was filled with Cath Kidston and Marks and Spencers pieces.

Someday, I will have a kitchen like this!

This was the best photo of what I was wearing. I know it is not a whole outfit shot, but you can probably tell I was wearing Wonder Cookie. I look a little dead because I was daft enough to wear lots of heavy clothing on a very hot day.

I had a really great day and I think Beau's mum is amazing!


  1. What a cute kitchen your friend has! I like your coordinate too although it's just your face shot, it's still lovely!

  2. aww your so cute! I'm gonna move out next week, so I'm so exited to make my own home :D:D

  3. Aww that kitchen is lovely and you look so cute :3

  4. Thank you everybody! <3

    And good luck moving out Churi Chan!

  5. Aww that is such a cute photo of you!

  6. Where did you get your blouse from this outfit, Luna? I am STUCK with wanting a million blouses and having NONE.


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