Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meta's Marguerite Wreath

Today I will be discussing the new print by Meta. This series is called Marguerite Wreath and it it is already available for reservation. The series includes 3 dresses, a shirt, a skirt, socks, a bonnet, a headbow and hair combs.

This is the short sleeved OP. The bodice part is a nice shape. It is also interesting how the lines in the print run up the bodice. The lines are curved, giving the illusion of a larger bust area and a smaller waist. I suppose if you have a small bust this could be useful to help even out your figure. Unlike the typical waist ties, this dress has belt style ties which tie at the front. There is a ruffle running along the front but it is fairly flat and blends in with the print, so it doesn't really add to the design. It is hard to see but apparently, this dress has a flower braid running between the 2 bows. It suits the print, which has daisy chains in it. Normally, brands would stick a line of pearls between bows like these, so it is fun to see something a bit different. The bows themselves look nicely shaped. I think the chiffon part under the bigger bow looks a bit lifeless. It probably could have been gathered more and the tiers spread out better. The short sleeves are slightly puffy and looks nicely elasticated. I would have liked this dress more without the halter-neck straps, but those are easy to tuck away. The shirring panel on this dress looks very small and appears to be in a V shape. This means the top of the shirring may stretch more than the bottom half. The shirring is well concealed by a ribbon corset. The skirt part is very full and rounded. You could put a lot of petticoat underneath this dress. The chiffon over the skirt is pretty and the gathering makes it look more interesting. The bottom hem is finished off with a simple ruffle. Considering the use of chiffon, it is probably best to keep the rest of the skirt plain. What I dislike about this skirt is that it has a tier and where the top of the skirt meets the tier, the print does not line up that well.

This is the bustle JSK. The bodice is well fitted and a good shape. Like the first dress, this dress uses curved lines to make the wearer's figure appear more shapely. The waist has a fairly big bow which appears to have a good sturdy shape to it. Although it would look a bit plain, I think I would remove the waist bow if I was wearing this dress. I dislike the corset on the front of this dress. I can't decide whether it is the shape I dislike or the dull colour of the satin ribbon. The straps are a good width, maybe a tiny bit on the thin side. The back has a shirring panel which thankfully, is a bit wider than the panel on the OP. The shirring is hidden well by a corset but again, I dislike how the corset looks.

This dress has a bustle on the back. Unlike some bustle dresses, the bustle is layered on top of the print part instead of layered underneath. It gives the skirt a lot of volume on the back. And the bustle is exactly why I would not wear this dress. It would make my bum look huge!

Despite this the skirt part is a good shape. It flares out well and would hold a large petticoat. I also think that this dress displays the print the best. The skirt part has 4 small satin ribbons on the front. I think they look cute. However, the bustle is still a huge minus.

This is the A-line JSK. There is no defined bodice, but the top part looks decently fitted. This dress has a yoke, which looks pretty. The yoke is finished with a small satin ribbon right in the middle and a pretty bow at the bottom. The straps are a little thin but thicker straps might not have worked well with the shape of this dress. The dress has a low back to it so maybe it wont give as much support. This dress has a panel of shirring running along most of the back. The panel is very exposed but somehow, it works well. It does mean that larger lolitas will probably have a good amount of stretch room. I find the overall shape of this dress a bit odd, especially teamed with the lines of the print running in different directions. On Meta's site this dress looks good on the model, but it is not your stereotypical lolita dress shape. The skirt has a ruffle midway down the skirt. The dress does not have a lot of details added on to it, so the ruffle looks good. It doesn't affect the dress shape too much either.

This is what the print looks like.

And this is a closer view. I have to say, that I think the colours in this series are horrible. The brown and grey colours look dull. Instead of rich colours, they look washed out. The brown is a muddy shade and looks odd beside the brighter blue. The pea green does not look too bad. In my opinion, the only exception is the red colourway (I believe it is the one they called Agatt on their website). The daisy chains are beautiful, the ribbons look pretty and I like the bluebirds. However, I find this print so underwhelming. There is nothing particularly original about the print and other brands have done similar designs a lot better.

So overall, I am not that impressed. I can't see this being a huge seller and will probably end up in Meta lucky packs or heavily reduced in a future sale. If I had to buy something, I would avoid the dresses and buy the skirt instead. I will be giving this series a miss.

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