Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby X AatP X Kuragehime

Baby and Alice and the Pirates are collaborating with Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess). Apparently Kuragehime is an anime and manga. I have not heard of this before so I may have to go and check this out. Today I am focusing on the three dresses.

I am going to start with my favourite dress from the collaboration. This is the Alice and the Pirates one.
I love the use of vertical stripes here. Vertical stripes are very good for making your figure appear slimmer. The waist is nipped in to help create a curvier hourglass figure. I find the overall shape of this dress very appealing. I also think this is a good use of monochrome. It is a really understated dress but somehow it manages to stick out and shine. On the back there is some black bustle detail which helps to break up the stripes. The shirring is cleverly disguised. It sort of blends in and you don't notice it. I am not really bothered about the corsage and pearls but the dress looks a bit too plain when you remove them. These are detachable so you have more options. It wouldn't be too hard to pin the corsage in your hair (and it would save you needing to buy the matching round headdress). I would then pin on a different corsage in a bright colour so it stands out.

Next up is my least favourite dress. Wow Baby, are you sure you used enough bows? Add on the pearls and lace and you have a very crowded dress. The end result is a dress which looks like a costume you would give a little girl to wear to a party. If this is what Jellyfish Princesses have to wear, I am going to have to give this a miss. Also the fabric looks very bumpy which makes it look cheaper. If you showed me this dress without letting me know it is Baby, I would have guessed it was made by an Ebay seller.

Baby have also released this dress. Is it just me or does this look like something Bodyline released? It looks similar to something I have seen before. That had polka dots and a scalloped hem too. I appreciate the use of scalloping. Jellyfish and scallops... it kind of carries on the sea theme. This dress is an improvement of the other one but it is a bit boring. It doesn't amaze me. It is very basic. For collaboration pieces I expect something a bit more special.

I think Alice and the Pirates have trumped Baby here. I would love to get hold of the stripy dress. The Baby dresses? I would maybe consider the polka dot one but I would avoid the bow overload dress.


  1. hahaha jellyfish+scallops you are so funny XD

  2. I agree, the stripey one is my fave too. Also, thank you very much for sorting out the whole comment thing.



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