Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy International Lolita Day!!!!

Today is International Lolita Day! It makes me want to put on my favourite clothes and pose with a giant lollipop! I was meant to be attending a meet today but it got moved back a few weeks. I hope that everybody going to meets has a good time today. If you are in the UK I hope you are able to brave the snow (I live in one of the few places in the UK which was not completely covered by snow this week. We only had 1cm). Have a great day everybody!


  1. Happy ILD to you! ^^ I wasn't able to attend a meet today either, but I know what you mean--Loliday still has that special feeling that makes you want to dress up and, well, do something special.

  2. Thank you! I hope you had a great day!


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