Monday, 13 December 2010

Border print skirts

I was browsing Closet Child the other day and clicked on the Metamorphose tag to see what was available. The first thing I saw was the words "March of the duck" and I gasped with anticipation. Then I took a look at the picture underneath and this is what I saw.

Yes, it is a March of the Duck skirt but made entirely of the square part of the pattern. I admit that I really want March of the Duck because I love the ducks. However, I can't stand the square part of the print (one friend compared it to graph paper you use in maths lessons) and here we have a skirt made entirely of the worst part of the print! The whole reason for me wanting this print is because I love the ducks and nothing else. The really strange thing is that this skirt was sold in less than a day whereas more popular prints have lasted on the site for at least a couple of days. I suppose it could make a nice underskirt but I wonder if anybody has worn this skirt by itself?

I appreciate we are living in hard economic times but border print skirts don't work with a lot of prints. I approve of the way that Meta is not wasting material but why a skirt? Due to the square/duck ratio, Meta must have had a lot of squares left over once the ducks had run out. Meta could have used this to make extra head bows or maybe a simple tote bag that people could customise.

However, I don't think all border print skirts look bad. One girl on EGL got this in her Meta lucky pack (and I apologise for using your photo).

This is from the Swan Lake print Meta did. It is very simple but for a 10,000 yen lucky pack, I would have loved to have got this, especially seeing as a lot of people got that leopard print skirt. It is not on the same level as the main part of the print but personally, I like it. Compare this skirt to the March of the Duck skirt above. I know which one I would choose.

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