Monday, 6 December 2010

New Angelic Pretty Pullip dolls.

I know AP and Pullip have worked together before but I believe these dolls are new. Check them out!

I was alerted to these on the blog Wonderland For Dolls and by a friend on MAF and I just had to post them. I think these dolls are better than the first AP/Pullip collaboration. I simply love Pullip in Starry Night Theatre, especially the socks and the little wand. My second favourite is the Sugary Carnival one on the left (I believe this one is Byul?). I think the wig detail is amazing. She looks like an ice cream! The only part I am unsure on is the bag she is carrying. I don't think this detail came out very well. Finally there is the Dal one. I have always preferred Dal because I like her pouty face. I don't like her outfit as much as the other two but her little bunny bag is cute.

There is also a Little Pullip and Little Dal being released this time. I love Marionette Girl! I would love to own the dress but I am always 1 inch too big and the version I fit in never seems to be on sale *sniff*. I do like Pullip in Marionette Girl but some parts look a bit strange. I don't think the crown looks that good. I would have liked to have seen the headband with the card suits on it instead. The way it ties around the neck looks a bit awkward, especially when you compare it to the Dal beside her. The wig looks a bit straggly too. Dal looks so cute in her bunny coat! It really suits Dal. It looks like her outfit has been put together a bit better. I think Dal wins out of the two little dolls.

I have never really known what I think of these sort of dolls. I know some lolitas go mad for them. Whilst I do want to get one I don't want to carry one around with me at meets. I think I would be too scared of getting them dirty. I liked it when Pullip collaborated with the Rozen Maiden anime (a guilty pleasure of mine) and I want to get the Dal Hina Ichigo doll because I love Hina Ichigo's character. But Volks have also collaborated with Rozen Maiden and although they cost approximately £1000 their version is really beautiful. But Pullip is a more affordable option and I think I would buy a Pullip. I want Hina Ichigo but also a non-anime related one. For the non-anime one, I would love the Starry Night Theatre Pullip above!

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  1. Very cute doll. I love your post and just ordered this charming Pullip doll at PIJ. Hope this will get in a week. Really attractive doll. Love this Pullip very much.


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