Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Taming the Beast: Lolita Hair Tutorial Review Part 3- An annoying hair bow

Oh dear... I had a few problems with the latest tutorial in my series. My head has a double crown and to do this tutorial I had to try to brush my hair backwards. But my hair kept falling forwards and back into its parting! >_<

Today I am reviewing this tutorial-

Here is a photo of part of the progress

My hair was pinging out all over the place and as you can see the visible hair band has fallen out of place. Believe it or not, I did finally manage to complete this look and the bow looked okay. I reached for my camera and I realise I had moved it. I managed to find the camera about 10 minutes later but the style had already fallen out! I guess I suit styles which sit on the side more. So I have reviewed this tutorial as best as I can here.

How easy was the tutorial to follow?

I think you can already see how successful my attempt was! If you are able to brush your hair back into a high ponytail without any problems, then you will probably do a better than I did! The girl in the video makes it look so easy and it probably is easy. It just doesn't suit my hair. At first I thought the tutorial was only in the Asian girl's language but there is a translation running along the top. It would be helpful if the text was a bit bigger. The video makes it easy to see exactly what is going on and the translation is not too fast. It wouldn't be too hard to do this bow on the side of your head if you have the same problems as me. I may have a go at doing it on the side to see if the end result is better.

How Long did it take?

When you first do this tutorial, you will probably need to pause the video in places. It is a bit fiddly. I managed to finish my bow after spending about half an hour of trying to fix my mistakes.

How long did it stay in place?

10 MEASLY MINUTES! That was with lots of extra strength hair spray, pins and a little wax. I really hope you can do better than me.

Was the end result as expected?

Short answer- no. This style will vary a lot from person to person.

How to cheat

I came up with the idea of using extra hair bands so the hair is forced to split in to the two bow pieces you need. So after putting in the first hair tie and taking the piece out for the bow middle, I would add in an extra 2 hair bands close to the first band before putting the second hair band in. Or you could totally boycott this tutorial completely and buy a ready made hair bow. Lady Gaga has made these popular and you can find ready made ones in lots of different places. By just searching "lady gaga hair bow" on Ebay, I managed to find lots of bows. Some wig shops will have these and some large chain shops have them too. Or you could buy a hair extension and make your own.

Would you try this tutorial again?

No. I think this tutorial is perhaps a bit too much hassle when it is so easy to cheat (see above). Even Lady Gaga uses wigs! Even if Lady Gaga didn't use a wig to make her hair bow, the end result is very different which suggests that she used a different method. Whilst the tutorial's end result looks very sophisticated, I will be sticking to fake hair.

Rating out of 10- 4/10
It got a 4 because this tutorial will work better on some girls more than others.

I hope this review was helpful and I wish everybody success in following this style!

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