Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Luna's Lucky Pack Diary Part 1

I thought I would share my personal lucky pack experiences with everybody so that those who had never ordered a lucky pack can get some insight to the experience. If you are new to my blog, I basically tried to order the Metamorphose one which have since sold out. So here is a run-down on what happened.

Friday the 17th Dec-

After saving my spare money for the last couple of months, I had just about enough to purchase a lucky pack. Considering how unreliable I am with money, I was proud of myself. I was getting a little impatient because Meta gave the release date a bit earlier last Winter and even wondered if they were doing one. I watched on as some of my dream pieces got sold which is one of the hardest things to have to do. Just when I was considering giving up and buying something else, I checked the Meta blog on Friday and realised they had finally been announced! After weeks of blog stalking, it was announced the big day would be the 20th of December- in other words, there was not a lot of time to prepare.

After checking the details, it occurs to me that Meta had not specified AM or PM after the time given. I find a world clock and to my horror I discover I would either be purchasing the pack at 3.30pm Sunday (good) or 3.30am on the Monday (not so good). I prayed that I would get off lightly and order it mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Saturday the 18th Dec-

Another friend claims I am mad wanting to buy a lucky pack from Meta and says "What if you get Dark Secret?". I explain my plan to purchase a light coloured pack which should not include any Dark Secret.

Sunday the 19th Dec-

The big day dawns. The nerves by this point are really kicking in. My husband James purchases ginger drinks in an attempt to settle my growing stomach upset (probably caused by stress).

Hovering around the Meta site to see if now is the crucial time. It is not. I let out a lot of strong words which I probably should not repeat. I look at James and demand that he sets his alarm clock for 3am.

Monday the 20th Dec-

James suggests that it is probably better to stay up all night instead of going to sleep just for an hour or two. The alarm clock is set in the living room just in case. We sit and watch Christmas special repeats on BBC3. We are completely freezing and I could fall asleep at any moment. I start to wonder if this is a good idea but I stick to the plan.

I load up the computer and start lurking around the Meta site half an hour before they are released. I pray that the computer does not crash at the vital moment.

3.30am (lucky pack time!)-
I watch the clock counting down those last vital seconds. My mouse is hovering over the refresh button. Suddenly I spring in to action. There are 75 dark coloured packs and 35 light coloured packs. Despite the difference in availability, I stick to my original plan and go for the light coloured pack. To save time I fill in the details and got James to watch me type so I wouldn't waste time checking for mistakes. I regret not signing up to become a Meta member beforehand and so decide to register at the same time. I say that I am paying with paypal and finish filling in details. The order looks to be complete but James asks why I was not sent to Paypal to pay for the pack. Everything seems okay. Or so we thought.

After the first ordering attempt I start feeling incredibly sick so we crash out on the living room floor instead of properly going to bed. We think everything is okay. Then James' ipod flashes and James gets an email.

"Erm... it is saying we ticked a box we were meant to leave clear. They have cancelled our order and we need to do it again" says James, looking nervous.

Panic ensues.

I start screaming at James, asking why this computer is taking so long to ****ing load.

We make it back on to the Meta page, which by this stage I am sick to death of seeing. All the details are re-entered. Thankfully the light pack is still in stock (although the exact quantity is replaced with "in stock" in Japanese). We are taken to the paypal page and pay in full. Everything this time appears to be correct. I get so stressed I felt like I was about to throw up everywhere.

Monday the 20th Dec-
There have been no more cancellations during the night and no refunded payments. It looks as though the ordeal is finally over. I can finally calm down again after getting less than 4 hours sleep. I go on EGL and ask about when people usually get the 2nd confirmation email and am relieved by the response I get.

And that is pretty much the stage I am up to right now. The pack has been paid for and there has been no refunding. I was unprepared for just how stressed I would feel. I spent a lot of Monday walking about like a zombie because I was suffering from almost flu-like symptoms. My next task is getting the email from Meta regarding the tracking and send date. Hopefully there will be no problems with the notoriously dodgy post (I actually had to report somebody last year). Trust me, if they lose my lucky pack they will definitely feel my wrath! I have to say that lucky packs are not for the faint hearted. If you are not too bothered by lucky packs then it is safe to say that you shouldn't get one. Lucky packs take dedication and sleep deprivation!


  1. Wow you really went through a lot!

    I got one too but luckily since I'm in the US it was only 10:30PM for me. I got a dark pack, but I believe there is 0 chance of them putting dark secret in the pack since the dark secret line only had a skirt and jacket, not jsk, and all the LPs have jsk in them.

  2. You are so lucky being able to get them at 10.30pm. It was tough but now I know what to do and next time I will hopefully skip the step where I made a mistake. I didn't realise all the packs had JSKs. That is great news for dark pack buyers.

  3. Wow, that sounded almost horrific! I'm glad you got it though. If that had been me it would have gone wrong again and again and again. Even though it stressed you out, it'll be worth it when you receive it. :-)

  4. That is what I keep telling myself- it will be worth it.

    This is my first time ordering one and I knew it would be stressful. It doesn't help that I suffer from anxiety which made the stress a lot worse!


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