Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Meta create a Nazi lolita debate ^_^

Oh dear, Metamorphose... I have always said you deserve more love. Then you go and throw a total curve ball! Military Series D Walkure has been grabbing a lot of attention. I noticed a bit of debating going on with the EGL Community about whether it looks like a nazi uniform or not. Since then I have heard stories that Meta were going to pull this series (but the pictures are still on the Japanese website).

Here is part of the series-

If I am being totally honest I think a lot of military uniforms look similar so there was always going to be a bit of similarity to nazi uniforms. Some people commented on how they would not be able to wear this in public because of the negative response they would get. Regardless of whether you think this series is inspired by nazis or not, people wearing this are going to have to accept that some people are going to take offence. I admit that I would be a bit too scared to wear the pieces from this series together. Some of the separate pieces don't look too bad. If you wanted to add a military edge to your outfit then maybe this would be a series to look out for. It looks too much like a costume for my personal taste.

The only item I would be very wary of buying is this hat.

Although a lot of people laughed at the suggestion of nazi influences, even some of these people admitted the hat was a bit risky. I think this was a very poor design choice by Meta. It does look very similar to the nazi eagle logo. This Meta eagle looks like a generic military symbol but people will still connect this to the Nazis.

I think people may have been a little too sensitive about this but then, nazis are a highly sensitive subject. I wont be looking to buy anything from this series but if I saw somebody wearing just one item from the series instead of a complete set I wouldn't bat an eyelid. Even if the eagle was removed I would probably still hate this set because I don't think it looks that appealing. It looks quite flimsy. When I look at military style I look for sharp lines and sturdy, firm pieces. I find this series bland.

I was considering buying a Metamorphose lucky pack at the end of the year. If I was to get this series in it, I would be really disappointed. It has really put me off buying a Meta one now. It looks like I shall be buying a Baby the Stars Shine Bright one instead.


  1. I pretty much agree with you on this.

  2. I think it is ugly, but looks more Russian inspired than Nazi.

  3. Anyone who is going play soldiers has to be aware of the emotions that still run deep in some circles.

  4. I'm very proud to say that I'm going to buy that hat. I love military & lolita mixed together.
    (I've been lolita for 7 years so I'm not just a random ita.)
    I won't start to tell you all the good stuff nazis made during the WW II, you can google it yourself. It's true that their methods were cruel and horrible but the world wouldn't be the same if Hitler had never been born.

  5. THey're crazy for doing that. Japan was on the german side in WWII, but the ammount of lives lost in the war and the horror .. I think this is really bad! Meta is being inappropiate(sp?)

  6. Oh no! xD
    If you would wear this in Germany (where I live) the police yould stop only to stare but take your to their office! >.<

    (Your Blog is cool!)

  7. Thats bullshit there is no nazi emblem on it so nobody will arrest you for wearing that. Why do people always make a drama of uniforms. Nobody will look at you the nazi way when you run around in that but more the crazy wtf look at that freak girl way. The uniform doesn't look german at ..green???!! The only thing they copied is the "Wehrmachtsadler" the eagle but exchanged the swastika with some crazy shit. Btw the german uniform always had awesome designs. Its fashion people and the biggest point of all YES the japanese dont understand the swastika problem but they are not stigmatized like europe and the usa when it comes to ww2 related stuff like.... uniforms and other random shit. Yes im german and I hate all that fuss about nazi shit. It's also pretty useless when 16 year old girls argue about that I mean they probably dont even know a thing about the WW2.


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