Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bodyline coat review

As the colder weather started to catch up with me, I realised that I could not put off buying a coat much longer. Finding a coat that I liked was a very tiring process. I found brand coats too expensive but I didn't like a lot of the off-brand designs. So many coats looked identical to each other or had bunny ears on them (I don't think I can pull off bunny ears any more). I came very close to buying a second hand Metamorphose coat but a girl managed to get there first. I eventually settled on two coats- a Fanplusfriend coat and a qutieland one.

However, a few weeks ago I noticed a coat on Bodyline and I thought it looked interesting. Then it finally came on to the international website! Yay!

And so I purchased this coat-

And the back-

Firstly, the lighting in my living room is dreadful! The colour is a very pretty creamy colour.

This coat design has already sold out once so it will probably sell out fairly fast. This coat is L306 in off-white and it cost me $125. After adding postage on, it roughly cost me £89. Whilst the coat I received seems to be of a good quality, I think the price is too steep for an off-brand company. Is it just me or are the Bodyline gradually getting more expensive? The coat did not come in the usual Bodyline bag but was reasonably packaged. Plus I didn't get charged by customs this time! YES!!!!

The coat is very heavy. Although I am yet to wear it outside, I imagine it will keep me very toasty warm. It is not the thickest coat out there but I think it is enough to cope with English weather. The material is good quality. The fur is not the softest I have felt but is still feels really nice to touch. The fur collar can be removed if you don't like it. The sizing feels good. I am 5'4'' and this coat reaches my knee.

As far as practicality goes, I am wearing a skirt and petticoat underneath and they fit. In fact, you can just see the lace of my Bodyline carousel skirt poking out. If you would like a better shape it will require a very strong petticoat to properly puff the coat out. It would have been nice to have some sort of waist tie to help define my waist.

Some of the details may look a bit familiar to you. For starters this coat has a heart shaped patch on the back which looks similar to the one featured on Baby's Usakumya coat. The bottom hem has flowery lace which looks like the lace used on a recent Metamorphose coat. It would appear that Bodyline has been taking a lot of inspiration from the big brands.

Something I was a little worried about was the sheer amount of details on this coat. I could take or leave the 3 bows running down the front and on the arms. Since putting the coat on I have grown to love these details. My favourite part is the bows with pearl draped underneath (another detail which has been copied by Bodyline).

The coat definitely feels durable enough and I no longer need to panic about not having a coat to go over my dresses. The coat is more suited to sweet styles but at a push I will use it for classic too. I am really hopeless when it comes to Winter outfits so this coat will probably become a staple piece for me.

After the sales problems, I had no trouble with the Bodyline website this time. Yes, the server is still slow but it seems to be more bearable now. I got through to the checkout on my first attempt with no issues. The delivery was very speedy, which I think has always been Bodyline's strong point.

Overall, I am very pleased with my coat but it is a bit too expensive for Bodyline. I think their coat designs have improved a lot. They also have a sailor coat out now and I almost went for that design instead. Their coat section has a few strong designs out now so it is worth checking out if you can't afford brand. The trouble is, I now need to find the space to hang my lovely new coat!


  1. It's a lovely coat although like you I could take or leave the three bows as that's when the design can get a bit too busy. Do you have a cubbyhole or somewhere where a heavy duty coat rack could go?

  2. I suddenly remembered I had a long dress bag that was big enough. After a lot of moving around, I finally managed to fit it on to my clothes rack. I never think of these things when I buy new stuff!


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