Wednesday, 10 November 2010

AatP Carousel Applique

I don't usually pay much attention to velveteen series. Brands seem to think "Winter is coming... I know! Let's do a velveteen series! It is Christmassy!" and then you see lots of velveteen items coming out in a short space of time. Despite this, I decided to review at least one series. Metmorphose seem to like adding lace and bows, AP like to do appliques... so what has Alice and the Pirates decided to do?

Well like AP, they have gone down the applique route but with a little less sugar. It looks like this is going to be a small series with 2 dresses, a headbow and a bag. My heart sank when I saw the first dress.
I thought about how pretty it looked. When you are using this sort of fabric I think simpler details work best because the fabric is a statement in itself. I liked the lace and the two bows at the top, the waist ribbon blended in and I liked the shape. So why did I fall out of love with this dress?

Because the mini pom poms have come back to haunt me! They are not as obvious on this dress and I think this is an improvement on some other ways they have been used. It helps that there is a layer of lace to help them blend in a little. I think I could put up with the pom poms on this dress but that doesn't mean my opinion on them has changed!

I don't like the other dress as much. The material looks more gathered and it looks a bit odd. In this picture it almost looks pleated. I don't think the top looks as flattering as the other dress. This dress also features the pom poms on it.

Alice and the Pirates have chosen a very festive green and red and there is also black. I think the applique looks a bit sweeter than their usual stuff. It is not on the same level as Angelic Pretty but it is still sweet. I like this applique a lot and I think it is one of the best I have seen.

Here is the bag which I think has the best use of the pom poms I have seen so far. The applique works well with the tartan. At first I thought the tartan was going to clash with the velvet, but somehow it works. It is an interesting clash of sweet with punk but I like it. I wouldn't mind having this bag. The only issue is that it would be hard to match with other items.

At the moment, I think the first dress looks the best and the red is my favourite colour. I would like to see how the black looks as well. I can't say I have been converted to velveteen by this series but I want the bag.


  1. That dress is so cute! Especially love the red colorway.

  2. It is such a pretty shade of red!


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