Saturday, 6 November 2010

Angelic Pretty's Holy Night series

Angelic Pretty's new series is available to view on the Japanese website. I have included a link seeing as I always have problems with AP images.

Whilst I think the print has too much going on in it, I think the little details are great. I love the flag with the emblem, stripy ribbon and the star on the top. I also like the drum, the hat and the rocking horse but I still feel that the print is too crowded. As for the colours, they are a huge improvement. I was getting a bit fed up with saying "AP have released this print in (insert the same pastel shades here)". Whilst I am aware that AP will probably be going right back to those same pastel shade for their next series, I am going to enjoy this little break whilst I can. Yes, there is still pink and white and red, but you also get black and a deep blue. I was unsure what to call this shade of blue. Everybody else has been calling it teal so from now on I shall be referring to it as the teal one.

Speaking of the teal dress, this dress probably stands out the most. Here we have some military style detail on the bodice. Whilst it is an improvement on Meta's D Walkure series, I am undecided on this detail. It looks a little weak. I would prefer to have this detail on a separate fitted, cropped jacket instead of on the actual dress. I think my issue with it is that it looks a little flat. Maybe some buttons or mini emblem brooches would look better? The teal dress also has the least number of bows so will probably be most favoured by those who find AP interesting but think they are too OTT.

My favourite dress from this series is probably the pink one. It looks like it can accommodate a lot of pouf from a petticoat. Although it has a lot of bows, they are small and don't detract from the pattern. Whilst I like the neck ties on the white one, I think the neckline is too wide. I would be worried about the sleeves falling off my shoulders.

In my opinion the strangest part of this series is the inclusion of the bonnet. With the military undertones in the print, the bonnet looks too frilly and feminine. There is a strong contrast and I feel it looks out of place. Thankfully, there is also a headbow. But what I would really like is the military top hat which you can see between the black and pink dress. This hat is part of the print but I saw a model wearing this hat in a picture so I know it has been made. The actual hat has not been included in this picture. I hope it is not just a sample product for the models! I would like this hat simply because it is different. I would want to pair this with a military style jacket.

Once again, I like the socks (I am definitely going through a sock phase...) but they do look similar to other socks which have been released. If you have similar socks, there does not seem to be much point in buying these but I do like the bold colour choices used.

My colour choice here would be the teal or maybe the black. I would then buy the red socks and mini hat (if it is being released) for a bold colour contrast. If I had lots of money, I don't know if I would choose to buy this series or not. Overall, I am highly undecided. I think the series has the potential to be really strong but it would depend on your choice of accessories. I think I need to see this on some lolitas before I make up my mind.


  1. I love the dress in teal. I agree, the print is rather corwded, though yea, I'm a little bit in love with the teal coloured one!

  2. MMm yeah the teal is awesome. I love it when they go into bold colors instead of pastels.

  3. It is such a pretty shade of blue. I think they should use it more often.

  4. I don't like this dress. It's not sweet enough to be AP.


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