Thursday, 25 November 2010

I am joining the Lucky Pack rush next month

Before I started wearing lolita, I researched lolita for a few years. I generally stood back and admired the fashion and came across some great people. But on the blogs I kept hearing about this thing called Lucky Packs. After researching them a little bit I was really keen to get my hands on one. I was lusting after the bargains.

But what I am not looking forward to is the stress that comes with it. The waiting for the Japanese clock to count down to midnight, hoping the site doesn't crash and waiting for the confirmation email to come through... it sounds like hell!

I have decided I am still going to go ahead and try to get one. If anybody has any advice on how to combat lucky pack stress I would love to hear it.

I am really torn between Meta and Baby. I want a Meta one but don't want anything from the Dark Secret series. Baby seems to be the safer option but before Dark Secret, I had my heart set on the Meta one. If I get Dark Secret, it will be difficult to re-sell. I can't get Angelic Pretty because I can only fit into certain pieces and would hate it if I got a dream print I couldn't wear. I am so confused! At least I have a bit of time to make up my mind, but if anybody has an opinion on this I would love to hear it.


  1. Dark Secret is still on reserve, I really can't see it being in this lucky pack (perhaps the next one though)

  2. I think a seed of doubt was planted in my mind before because I saw some other lolis joking about getting Dark Secret. But what you said makes sense.

    Seeing as it is currently on reserve, by next month it wont have been out long enough for Meta to know how successful it is. I will probably get the Meta one then!

    Thanks for the help!

  3. I'm in the same boat as you actually, I really had my heart set on a Meta lucky pack but then in addition to the Dark Secret fear, I'm also scared about getting one of their horrible stripes pieces. ._.; If you look at their sales page, there are a lot of this striped line they had that obviously didn't sell too good - and I can honestly see why. It looks cheap and circus-y and since they can't even sell it on their sales page, I fear it might end up in a few Lucky Packs.

    Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do ... if the Bordeaux Twinkle Journey JSK is still up by Christmas, I have every intention of buying it. But if its not ... well there are other dresses I want - but then comes the problem of Lucky Packs. I sincerely want one so I'm not sure if I should not buy anything until I see if I can even snag a LP or if I should go ahead and go for Twinkle Journey if its still there since it IS one of my dream dresses. @_@ I'm so confused on what I want ... Everything in me is screaming for Twinkle Journey but then the part of me that reminds myself I'm still a newbie lolita says that a LP might be a better offer ...

  4. Oh yeah, I have seen the stripy things. I don't like them either. I guess if Meta give you a colour option you could see which colours of the stripy items are still in stock and try to order the other colour. From the looks of things, they usually have at least 2 colour choices.

    I think if one of my dream dresses came up I would be tempted to get the dress but I can understand why LPs are so appealing. You could get an absolute bargain on a great print or it could be hard to sell rubbish. But part of the fun is not knowing what you are going to get. It is a really hard decision to make. One of my dream dresses came up recently but it sold out before I had a chance to buy it.

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  7. I really want a Baby or Alice and the Pirates one. Maybe one of each. I'm actually not sure whether AATP do one.

    It'll be exciting anyway!

  8. I think Alice and the Pirates do have one. I wouldn't mind getting one from them!


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