Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lolita Secret Santas

Sadly I have left it a bit late for me to take part in any Secret Santas, but I know other girls are doing these. I have been a bit busy lately! If you would like to take part in a lolita secret santa, I know members are holding one (the deadline for gift sending is the 12th of December. You will need to check if they are still letting people join so be quick). There may be others around that you can join or maybe there is a Secret Santa going on in your workplace.

I don't really know any lolitas well enough to swap presents with. I hope that by next year, this will have changed. However, I have been thinking about the sort of presents I would like to give others so I decided to make a wish list.

Please note that I live in the UK so these items may not be available in your country. I have tried to include international friendly items too. Remember you will need to add shipping costs if you can't visit the actual store. Pictures have been taken from shop websites.

£0-£5 price range-

1. Cinders Bath Ballistic £1.95
2. Humming Cat Letter Set £4.20
3. Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow Scented Candle £4.99
4. Bodyline keychains (range from $1-6. The one in the picture costs $2) Add some to your regular order or do a group order so you are not hit by huge shipping charges.

Other ideas-
-Claire's Accessories Gift Voucher (any amount starting from £5, foreign countries should check minimum amount in store)
-Mini jewels or stickers for deco nails
- Hair accessories

£5.01-£10 range-
1. False Eyelashes- the ones in the picture cost about £6 by Eylure. Not suitable for sensitive eyes.
2. Cute Plush Pirate Bunny Plush Doll $15
3.Cute Plush Kira Kira Rainbow Bunny Necklace $12
4. 6%DokiDoki Marshmallow Hair Clips 945yen
5. Kera Magazine Back Issues (around £10)- try Ebay, Egl Sales Community and other auction sites. In England you can visit the Japan Centre or order here

Other Ideas-
Secret Shop Socks (try Egl Sales Community)

£10.01-£15 range-

1. Bodyline skirt (one pictured costs $19) Many styles start from $19, some punk styles start from even less
2. Imogen Rose perfume prices start at £10 for a solid perfume

Most Secret Santas have a low price limit but here are some more expensive items I found randomly whilst searching for inspiration-

1. Elizabethan Ring £19.99
2. Toxic Candies Designer Toy $50
3. H Naoto keychain 2800yen or the American shop
4. Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Chan paper clay kits (around $32) from various locations (try
5. Ghostlove Screaming Violins Choker $35

I always get a great buzz when I know somebody really loves the present I gave them. I hope my nearest and dearest will get a nice surprise at Christmas. I have finally finished my Christmas shopping. Sorry, if this post is a little too late for you!


  1. Those are great ideas. I know what you mean, tho--I don't know any lolitas well enough to swap presents either, having only just started connecting with the local community. But hopefully both of us can say differently next year!

  2. Thank you! I have met some of my local lolitas so I am going to try and meet up with them more. Hopefully next year I will know at least one loli well enough to give a present to :)

  3. This is great! we're doing a yankee swap at my ILD meetup next week. I've already got 2 presents in it (a piece of jewelry and some cosmetics) but I need 1 more thing to satisfy myself that it's a 'good' pick - I need some kind of cute novelty sweet I think XD

  4. Thank you! :D

    I am always padding out presents with novelty sweets. My friends love getting them!

  5. I love these kind of posts. I've done something similar on my blog, only I've split it up into; sweet and gothic from the high street, off brand and brand.

  6. This is a wonderful lovely idea and I would also like to be apart of this next year. Though I would feel most comfortable if the price range included things that were small like cute jewelry and not dresses or skirts. Simply because I'd like the price level to be suitable for all participants (including me, being a high school lolita I don't exactly have much money lying around.)(lol) I love the Cupcake Amigurumi it's so cute! Next Christmas, I might try to get involved in something like this if I can!~ <3


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