Monday, 19 December 2011

Fantasy Christmas Gifts

As much as I love to daydream, I am not made of money. But sometimes I do like to imagine of all the things I could do if I was rich and I will browse loads of websites to admire their pretty items. So let's just say I was able to buy whatever I wanted and decided to treat some of my friends this Christmas... what would I buy them? So today I am going to show what I would buy some of my local group and best loli friends if I didn't have to worry about money, sizing, availability and nasty customs fees. I should point out that this post is purely for fun and I am going on what these people already own, their wishlists and what I think they will like.

1. Dreamy Dollhouse salopette by AP 2. Sugar Hearts wristcuffs by AP 3. Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes 4. Sugar hearts bracelet by AP 5. AP Milky Chan scarf 6. Milky chan bangle 7. AP cape from their 2011 collection

Sammi got her dream print Milky Chan earlier this year, so I included some matching items for her. I also know she ordered the Sugar Hearts skirt so I included matching items for the same reason. I put the Dreamy Dollhouse salopette on there because when I first saw Sammi wearing a salopette I remember thinking that she looked amazing in them! Not many people can pull off salopettes, but they really suit Sammi. The AP cape is there because I remember us both saying how cute it was on Facebook. And finally, I would want to give Sammi a massive box of Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes because we enjoyed getting cakes from there back in June. I have the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook but I failed miserably at making some of the more complicated items, so I would definitely buy these in to avoid disappointment. Plus, I can't compete with the Queen of Desserts- Beau's Mum!


1. AP Sugary Carnival 2. Some skull gloves 3. AP Jewelry Heart Ribbon bag 4. Sugar Hearts JSK by AP 5. Juicy Couture charm 6. Eyeball hairclips 7. Wonder Party JSK

Another AP fan! Michelle's picks are based on conversations I have been a part of, or witnessed on Facebook. I totally agree with Michelle about the heart ribbon bag. It is very cute! I know Michelle has been rating Juicy Couture charms. I have no idea why I chose the banana split charm for this post. I was browsing some charms and this one stood out. I like how Michelle's style is a mix of cute and creepy. That is why I included the eyeball clips (I blame Kyary!) and the skull gloves. The skull gloves actually have 3D bones so they may be a little difficult to wear, and I have completely forgotten the store I saw them in! The gloves are a reference to the infamous skull sock debacle. Let's just say that the company in question are total idiots! I would be hoping and praying that Michelle would at least like these gloves.


1. IW Gretel boots 2. AatP's St mephisto 3. blue rose hair clip 4. black veil 5. IW book bag 6. Rose Basket JSK by IW 7. Lady Rose dress by AP

I know Jenni likes Innocent World, so her item choices were heavily influenced by their website. I have seen her mention the book bag and Rose Basket before (I would love to own Rose Basket too. I promise I am not just getting things I like!). The Gretel Boots were a random choice I decided on myself. I would just go for them and hope Jenni likes them. We have discussed the upcoming St Mephisto replica before so I know she would like to own this. Jenni is the Moitie queen of our group but the hair clips are in fact from Taobao. Despite this, I have gone for Moitie inspired pieces. I also know Jenni has mentioned Lady Rose before, and I think the mint colour is very pretty. I know Jenni is not completely against AP, so I thought I would slip some in!


1. Meta Vintage Cherry dress 2. Zombie movie encylopedia 3. Tartan JSK 4. Record shaped bag 5. Bodyline strawberry bag 6. Vintage Record dress by Meta 7. Tartan headbow

Raine is my fellow Meta fan and I have tried to appeal to the retro look that Raine likes. I had to include Vintage Record by Meta and I thought a matching record shaped bag was needed. Raine is "gay for polka dots" (her words, not mine) so I think she would like the red strawberry bag by Bodyline. Just as long as I can still be the strawberry princess of the Ox lolis! I know Raine would like a tartan JSK and I think the one in the picture would appeal to Raine's usual style and there is a matching bow to compliment. To finish, there is the Zombie Movie Encyclopedia by Peter Dendle because Raine likes a good horror movie. I bet she will have watched most of the movies inside already, but maybe it will give her ideas of further movies to watch.

I am sorry for not making more of these for more people. I can assure you that a lot of you were included in my thoughts when I was fantasy shopping. I have really missed a lot of people recently because I have not been to any meets the last 2 months. That is mainly down to bad timing. I am hoping to see you all a lot more next year. I have really missed you all...

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