Sunday, 4 December 2011

Decoration Dream by Angelic Pretty

Today I will be taking a look at Decoration Dream by AP. This set is already available. The set has 3 dresses, an apron style skirt, a bonnet, a head bow and socks.

This is the OP. I was a bit disappointed with the bodice shape. It is very square in appearance and it also looks as though there is a lot of baggy loose material. So it may not fit well. However, the sleeves are nicely shaped with their slightly puffy appearance. The sleeves are finished with very cute star lace and some very shiny bows. The bows are a bit too shiny for me. I also like the square neckline and neck ties. There is a waist bow, which is large, but it is nicely shaped and looks quite sturdy. If you dislike large bows, then you can detach it, but I think the dress looks plain with it removed. I like the semi-circles of lace, but I dislike the decoration used on the flap of material on top of it. The flap has this cheap looking zig-zag lace on it. This is finished off with a small ribbon bow. I was disappointed with the back of the bodice because it has a massive shirring panel and it is very exposed and obvious. There is nothing there to conceal it. The skirt part is very rounded and has a pretty shape to it. It will hold a decent amount of petticoat underneath. The skirt has been kept plain, but that helps show off the print better. The bottom hem is finished off with more of that ugly zig-zag trim, but right at the bottom there is some cute cake lace.

This is the first JSK. The bodice shape is thankfully better than the OP. However, I think the details on this bodice don't look very well thought-out. The ribbon is a very beautiful shape and I like the folding to give it extra depth, but the bow is very shiny. The ribbon is satin, but it looks cheap on this dress. I dislike the panel of 3 layers of lace. It is very busy and fussy.

Thankfully, the lace panel is detachable! I think the dress looks better with it removed. The back of the bodice has a panel of shirring concealed by a ribbon corset. It looks a lot tidier than the back of the OP. This skirt is very similar to the OP- rounded, spacious and plain, so you can see the print better. Luckily, the bottom hem has none of that horrible zig-zag trim and just has the cake lace at the bottom.

This is the other JSK. I think this dress has the best bodice in this series. The bodice is nicely fitted and has a good shape to it. I love the use of lace, which looks lovely and frilly and also well placed. The lace running down the front is topped with different coloured bows. The ribbon material is still very shiny, but these small bows look cute and the colours go well with the dress. The waist ribbon is huge but considering its size, it is impressive how well it holds its shape. The waist bow is detachable and the good thing is, that when you removed it, the dress does not look too plain without it. The straps are a good width. The straps also very stretchy, so will be good for plus-sized lolitas.

The back of the bodice has a panel of shirring concealed by a ribbon corset. Again, this is a lot nicer than the OP. I am undecided about the bustle back on this dress. Instead of using a contrasting material (such as chiffon) like a lot of other dresses do, this bustle uses the same material as the main dress part, but uses the less crowded bit at the top of the print. Although it is good to try something different, there is a very harsh break in the print. I am unsure whether I like the sudden break in to the lesser crowded print part. The bustle shape is ok and nicely spaced. It doesn't flare backwards too much, so wont make the backside look too huge. The skirt part is identical to that on the OP. Sadly, this means there is more of that zig-zag trim which I really dislike. The main difference is this JSK has more gathering, but luckily this does not obscure the print too much.

And now, for the print close-up. I think this picture is a bit deceptive because the colours look a lot brighter and clearer. The print looks a bit more washed out when you look at it on the actual dresses. Whilst I love the cakes, it does remind me of Memorial Cake and to be honest, I prefer Memorial Cake over this series. The cakes are very cute and they are very decorative. My favourite parts are the smaller cupcakes and the horse cookies. Also, there are macarons, which I adore! As for the colour, I think the black colourway would best display the print, but I would probably choose yellow or sax.

This is the headbow. I like the way that this bow has been shaped. The folds make it interesting. It is quite large, but it does look just like the sort of decorative bow you would use when decorating something. It suits the series well. In my opinion, this bow looks a lot better than the bonnet that is part of this series.

My favourite part of the set is the socks. They remind me of Wonder Cookie (this set's design is not really that original) and if I didn't have the matching WC socks already, I would have considered getting these. The horse cookies look very cute on the socks and I love the pastel colours used.

Overall, I don't think is a series I would go for. Although I like the design on the 2nd JSK, in all honesty, I would prefer to buy another series instead of this one. I just don't love this print that much. The horse cookies are cute but I simply prefer the cake design used on Memorial Cake. I would probably choose the yellow for this series because MC does not come in yellow (and the yellow is pretty cute). I think this is going to be one of those series which grows on me the more I see it, but for now I will be giving it a miss. I do predict that this series will be popular but it may take a bit of time before people start to notice the set's potential.


  1. I agree sooo much.
    I love your post about the newest prints, please stay tuned with them!

    And I also though about getting the socks for WC, but I'm not sure, but if I'm not the only one who thinks they would match, I really should save the money... ^^

  2. I think the socks could work with WC. The hard part would be deciding which colour goes best. As my WC dress is the white colourway, I am not really sure!

  3. Mine is blue, so I think I would take blue ones, but maybe white would be nice too or ...
    Oh my, it's really hard to decide! xDD

  4. I agree with you on all points. The first one could have been so cute! But they just didn't go in a very good direction with it. Dx And the colors really do look washed out on the actual outfits, sadly. Well, we can only hope that with the socks and the headbow that AP can redeem themselves lol

    Thanks for the review~

    ~ Kieli ~

  5. I was expecting better from this series. Oh well, hopefully I can do a more positive AP print discussion next time!

  6. I love the horse cookies and the macarons, but I do think the print is lacking. It could be the lighting...(trying to give AP the benefit of doubt >_<)..
    I think the OP's silhouette is better than the JSK. Probably because of the sleeves and the placement of the bows in the front. Of course that can change depending on the shirt you use to layer underneath the JSK anyways.. ^__^'

    I really love those socks though...♥

  7. do you know how you can wash the op? ^.^


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