Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I got Melty Moon!

I have wanted it ever since it first appeared on the Angelic Pretty website and it has been top of my accessory wishlist ever since, and I FINALLY got a Melty Moon Ring! I used Japonica Market again and the service was just as good as last time, so I wont repeat my review again. The main difference about this order was that instead of doing a Buy It Now, I had to bid this time. When I got outbid, I sent an email and asked for my maximum bid to be increased. I thought I would have to re-submit the order form and have to send another deposit but my bid was increased without having to do anything else. So I was very impressed! This might have been because my maximum big was not increased by a large amount. My only regret is that I probably spent a bit too much (and I am a little embarrassed to admit how much it cost me in the end!) and because the shipping to me is worked out by cost of the item and not weight, I did end up getting hit quite badly with the shipping price. However, I was prepared to go that extra mile to get something I really wanted and so I was prepared to pay more. Overall cost aside, this has been a very positive experience.

The item was very well packaged.

There were so many layers of bubble wrap! The ring was securely wrapped and I had trouble getting in to it.

Finally, I got to the ring! The ring is absolutely perfect and just what I was expecting. I could not be any happier! I also got given a free Angelic Pretty sticker, which is very cute.

I had to try it on straight away. The yellow and the pink rings were my top colour choices, so I got quite lucky. Although I wont be able to buy it at the moment, in the future I will be looking for the matching necklace in pink or yellow. I have recently missed out on the yellow necklace twice, once because I found it too late and once because I had already spent out on the ring.

If anybody does spot the necklace in pink or yellow, do let me know!


  1. I think its lovely too! I have wanted this so badly for ages!


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