Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Love Ring Present Box by BABY

Today I will be taking a look at Love Ring Present Box by BABY. This series has 2 dresses, a skirt, a shirt, a headbow, a hat, socks, a bag and various accessories. 

This is the Amy JSK. I thought the bodice didn't have a lot of structure to it. It looks a bit droopy and in the picture you can see folds of loose material. This is not helped by the shape of the sleeves. Although this dress is described as a JSK, the sleeves are almost like that on an OP and they look like they are falling downwards. The sleeves do appear very stretchy and will probably be useful for a plus-sized lolita, but I think this is going to look too big on smaller wearers. There is a very large waist bow, placed to one side and it does suit the gift theme. The bow appears to be well structured, but I think the middle part is a bit too wide and if it had been narrower, the bow would have a nicer plumper shape. The lace on the bow is pretty and firm, although some will say it is too OTT. You can detach the bow if you desire. I like how the bodice is solid colour instead of a continuation of the print part because I think it is a good idea to break up the print a bit and also gives a contrast to the lace colour. The bodice has a small lace bib, which is very detailed. It is cute, but I think it would have been good if the bib was a bit wider. The bib is topped with a ribbon bow, which has a pretty shape. The neckline and the bottom of the sleeves are lined with quality lace, and the neckline even has lace in the shape of card suits (although I don't quite understand how playing cards fit the theme) which is very pretty.

The waist straps are very well hidden from the front. I did like how they have these cute teddy shaped buttons! The back of the bodice has a very generous panel of shirring which is covered by a ribbon corset. However, the shirring panel looks very obvious due to the spacing of the ribbon and also the use of lace on both sides of the shirring. The skirt shape is quite straight and could have done with being a bit rounder, so that it suits a sweet shape. It does look like it will flare outwards a lot, so it will accommodate a lot of petticoat underneath. The skirt part has been kept quite plain, which means the print is displayed well and not obscured. The bottom hem has a ruffle of the solid colour material, which I think finishes the dress well because there is already a lot of lace on the bodice part.
This is the Patty JSK. The bodice on this dress appears a lot better and more well fitted. The bodice has a raised panel which gives the bodice extra depth and more texture. It will also suit small busted girls by adding more volume. There is a lot of lace surrounding the panel. The lace quality looks good, but I felt the design of lace used was a bit dull. The panel is topped by a large bow, which has a nice shape to it. The bow has heart shaped lace running through the middle, and then more lace around the edge. There is a lot of lace there, which wont appeal to everybody.
The main part of the bodice has a ribbon corset. The ribbon doesn't look too shiny and the corset is well spaced. However, what concerns me, is the way the ribbon is attached. As this picture shows, there are 2 lines of lace, which the ribbon is attached to. It looks a little flimsy, as though it could easily break.

The straps could do with being a little thicker, but they are lined well with lace (yes, even more lace!). The back has a panel of shirring, concealed by a ribbon corset. It looks a lot better than the other JSK. The skirt on this dress still looks a little bit straight and angular, but it has a nice subtle shape and looks less harsh. You will probably fit a good amount of petticoat underneath, but you wont create a shape to rival an OTT Angelic Pretty dress. But that might actually be a good thing, as OTT appears to be slowly going out of fashion anyway. The skirt is plain, which is good for displaying the print. The bottom hem has more of the good quality, but dull looking lace. 

And this is the print close-up. It comes in off-white/red, pink/mint, brown/mint and black/red. I worry that the pink/mint might look a bit washed out because there are a lot of pale colours in the print. I think my favourite is the black/red colourway. At first I thought this print was full of dull looking boxes. But actually, the boxes have a lot of detail going on. If you look closely, you will see the girl in the print is even wearing the Amy JSK! I love the bows on top of the boxes, especially the gingham ribbon, which has a lot of detail and shape. I like how the ribbons which make up the square pattern have been made to look as though they have shine and are overlapping each other, like how real ribbon would look. However, the pattern does remind me of a table cloth!

I was a bit amused by the hat. In the off-white/red colourway, I can't help but feel this hat looks a bit like what an England football supporter would wear! It definitely looks a little like the St George Cross. I think it looks a little silly, and I am glad there is a headbow option too.

Overall, I am not that impressed by this series. I think that both dresses have their positive points, but they also have their negative points. Whilst the print is cute, I don't find it that exciting. It is just underwhelming.


  1. While I love the Patty JSK, I agree with you about the lace connecting to the ribbons. I mean you can't guarantee wearing life for the dress even if you dry clean only. And for the series as a whole, it looks too much like their previous designs. I hope they try new ideas for next year.

    Thanks for the great review!

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. The pink JSK is sooooooooooo pretty! sweet! love it

    lindsey |

  3. I definitely think the Patty JSK is the better of the 2. I just don't like the way the ribbon is attached.


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