Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Lolita

Christmas is very fast approaching and hopefully everybody is getting in to the festive spirit. I have already put my tree up (well, actually my husband did whilst I snoozed in front of the TV), Christmas cards are coming through the door and people are competing for the best Christmas lights display. So I have been thinking about how I can wear lolita over Christmas and make it suitable for this time of year.

Alice and the Pirates recently released their Drosselmeyer print (top left), which wouldn't look out of place on a tin of festive biscuits. It is very traditional looking and the more obvious Christmas colours such as red and green are available. Of course, you don't have to stick to traditional colours. I think Rose Candle by Baby (top right) looks beautiful in pink. My top choice for festive prints is Bunny Milk and Snow Strawberry by Baby (bottom left). I think the bunnies in the print are adorable and it is a bit unusual for a Christmas print to include strawberries. Of course, if I ever got this print, I would be avoiding the design with the little pom pom trim (a personal pet hate of mine!) but the pom poms do remind me of little snow balls, so it would be cute for a festive outfit. Christmas also reminds me of thick and heavier fabrics, such as velveteen. AP's Christmas Ornament (bottom right) comes to mind because chances are, this dress would be far too hot to wear in the warmer months.

This is my only concern about season-specific prints. Would you wear them the whole year around? Or would they gather dust in the back of your closet? Easter prints generally are not that difficult to wear at other times of the year but with Christmas prints it is a little difficult. You are expected to take down your Christmas tree by the 12th day of Christmas and generally, people get sick to death of Christmas by January. There is just something a bit odd about wearing a Christmas themed print at any other time! Maybe it would be better to buy something which hints at a Christmas theme instead of an actual Christmas print. I have already mentioned green and red, and perhaps a solid coloured dress in a deep green or red would look lovely. A simple tartan dress would be another option. Or instead, you could just wear festive accessories, which could work out cheaper.

I like the idea of using holly and ivy in my hair. It is very traditional and reminds me of those Christmas wreaths you can make. What I especially love about the hair band in the top left is that the berries have been frosted, making it all the more suitable for a Winter theme. The great thing is, it doesn't have to cost a lot and you could even use real holly instead of fake, if you desired. I always start craving ear muffs when it gets to this time of year. I have been tempted by styles like the Baby ear muffs (bottom left) which would definitely match the coat with fake fur trim that I have from Bodyline. Fake fur is always fun to wear and good for keeping warm. Ear muffs come in lots of different shapes and designs now, so there is lots of variety. I also think that around Christmas time, you can get away with a lot more. A cheesy Santa hat or a decoration you would stick on a gift are not normally things I would team with lolita but at this time of year, I just think "Go for it!". If I wanted something a bit quick and easy, I could tie a ribbon in to my hair. Ribbons are readily available. I even save the ribbons off the presents I get.

An easy way to nod at the Christmas theme is with jewellery. As soon as I saw the AP Country of Sweets re-release I thought the Gingerbread jewellery would be perfect for Christmas, and it is cute too! I also love wearing stars at Christmas and statement pieces with lots of pretty jewels. For the classic lolita, something like this deer ring would look perfect.

Of course, I would love to try some festive nail art this year. It is easy enough to remove when needed and helps to brighten up an outfit. My absolute favourite is the candy cane nails at the bottom! I will be searching "Christmas nails" on Youtube. Nail art has been very popular lately and there are channels and websites dedicated to nail art tutorials.

I have only really scratched at the surface of possible Christmas lolita ideas. I am sure my readers will be able to think of lots of other wonderful ideas to add to outfits. The most important thing is to have a bit of fun!


  1. These are lovely ideas! And I am one of those crazy people that would probably wear Christmas theme dresses all year xD But one day when I can get one of these dresses, I will definitely try one of these coordinates :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. I wish I had the confidence to wear Christmas outfits all year! I hope to at least do some festive nail art this year!

  3. Do it! Doing festive nail designs is lots of fun! =3

    ~ Kieli ~


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