Friday, 3 June 2011

Please vote for me!

I have entered another contest on Facebook! At the time of posting this, I am in 2nd place and slowly catching up with the leader! I am about 15 votes behind so I could do with a boost. I would really appreciate it if you guys could vote for me.

Here is what you need to do (it will only take a minute, I promise)-

2. Scroll down the wall to find my entry. You are looking for this photo-

3. Press the 'like' button underneath my photo. Do NOT click on the actual photo or you will be taken away from the MAF page and your vote wont count!

And that is it!

P.S- If I forget to say tomorrow- Happy International Lolita Day!


  1. I couldn't find your photograph. Otherwise I would vote. : ) Anyways I just found your blog, I love the asian-ness.

  2. Aww... that's a shame. But thank you for following me! I hope you like it here :)

  3. Hi everybody. I just wanted to let people know that I have sort of given up on this contest. I entered because I wanted the dress but I have changed my mind. I probably don't stand a chance anyway but if I do win then I am going to donate the dress to a lolita friend of mine who doesn't own brand and can't enter the contest. The dress is cute but I think she will appreciate the dress more than me. Thank you for the support and it you want to help my friend get this dress then keep voting for me.


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