Friday, 10 June 2011

Expanding my horizons and trying new things

I am very excited right now! I just pre-ordered Meta's Fairy Tale series and have already had the 2nd confirmation email to say my pre-order has been completed! So all I need to do is wait for it to come in stock and pay. I fell in love with the print as soon as I saw it.

But by placing this pre-order I am also expanding my horizons.

This will be my very first bonnet. I have got to admit, I have been a little scared to try bonnets in the past. I was worried they would look too age-play on me (especially OTT sweet styles). When I saw the Fairy Tale series for the first time I was hoping there would be a head bow but I was confronted by a bonnet and a rectangle headdress. Although rectangle headdresses have been out of fashion for a while, I think I am more confident wearing these than bonnets. However, for some reason I was really attracted to the Fairy Tale bonnet. The pattern on the Fairy Tale bonnet is not too OTT. The size is fairly big but it is by no means the biggest lolita bonnet I have seen.

So I found myself adding the bonnet to the cart. I am totally blaming Nicola from the Oxfordshire Lolitas! She makes her own bonnets and looks so wonderful in them. I am curious to see how I will look with a bonnet. I don't regret making my choice at all but it is very unlike me to move away from my comfort zone.

I also ordered the fully shirred skirt. I have been really busy recently so I did not have enough money for a dress this time. I find skirts easier to wear anyway. There is nothing particularly strange about this but... I have ordered both the bonnet and skirt in lavender. These will be my very first lavender items in my lolita wardrobe! I have wanted to add lavender items to my wardrobe for a very long time. I feel it will flatter my pale skin very well without making me look washed out. Plus, lavender goes very well with pink. I will probably wear this with my new pink blouse and possibly my pink shoes too if they match well enough.

I decided against ordering the matching socks. I figured that the socks were not as vital anyway. I noticed after I placed the order that Meta have released this necklace which fits the Fairy Tale print very well-

It comes in gold, silver, antique gold and antique silver. The antique ones have a rose and the other 2 have a bird.

I definitely like the antique ones the most. I love the whole antique look when it comes to necklaces. I also think the rose and bird cage look nicer on the 2 antique coloured necklaces.

I have high hopes for this series. The print reminds me of my wedding day and I am hoping this arrives before our 2nd anniversary on August the 6th.

I have had a few ideas on how to co-ordinate this already. I have an idea for a straight-forward co-ordinate. I am also planning something a little more creative and different. I wont go in to too many details right now but I am planning an OTT classic co-ordinate. It could go horribly wrong and I may get slated for it but I have been thinking about OTT classic for a while. Can OTT work outside of sweet lolita? Is OTT classic going too far? I might just make it a OTT sweet outfit instead. That is the beauty of this print- I firmly believe this print will work well with both sweet and classic.

I intend to wear this skirt a lot and will work hard to do different co-ordinates with it. Wearing a bonnet and choosing lavender is already new ground for me, but I want to experiment even more. Let's hope I don't take the experimenting too far!


  1. I've also been scared of wearing a bonnet myself but they are really lovely and most girls I see wearing them look really good so I'm sure the bonnet with suit you as well ^^

    Also, lavender is a great colour to have in your wardrobe. I think it goes well with most other lolita colours, like pink and mint and black and white. Can't wait to see all your coordinations, especially OTT classic! I think any lolita style can be OTT it just depends on how you do it :)

  2. Ooh how exciting! I love bonnets on other people but not sure for myself.. perhaps I need to take that next step and try one like you! ^_^
    Lavender is such a pretty colour and I think it would look lovely on you! Can't wait to see what outfits you come up with.. And I love OTT classic! I find it more interesting than OTT sweet as there's more variations to outfits but hey that's just my opinion!

  3. People used to tell me I looked pretty in lavender so I am surprised I have waited so long to add lavender items. I will probably try lavender with pink first but I want to do lavender with mint too. I am definitely attracted to the OTT classic idea!

  4. That bonnet is so pretty - I think it'll look cute on you.

    I'm looking forward to your outfit pics :)

  5. Thank you! I hope I live up to everybody's expectations!

  6. Lovely pieces! I am also a little scared by the thoght of a bonnet in my wardrobe, but that one was really cute, and I'm sure it will suit you :D


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