Monday, 13 June 2011

June Ox Loli meet- London!

Last Saturday was the latest Oxfordshire Lolita meet. It is now Monday and I STILL feel tired and achy. However, there is a good reason why I feel so worn out. This time the Oxford Lolis went to London! I have always been passionate about London. No matter how often I go, I still get the same buzz of excitement. I think it is impossible to get bored in London. Also, it was nice to move away from Oxford this time.

I did not get very many photos this time. We were joined by a photographer because the group is contributing to a documentary being filmed by this lovely man called Francesco. Initially, we were just meant to be doing a photoshoot with Fleur (Who I absolutely adore. She made me feel pretty!). The group went to Green Park. We found some lovely flowers to pose with. Fleur got a lot of photos of us so I did not manage to get very many on my camera. I can't wait to see the pictures Fleur took.

Here I am standing among the flowers! I would call this outfit casual classic. Fleur was also snapping me here, so I have my serious face on! I wore Old Emblem by Meta. I was amazed when I realised I had never worn this skirt to a Ox Loli meet. It is one of my most worn pieces! The rest of the outfit is off-brand but I was wearing some Angelic Pretty rings. I did not give myself enough time to do a more elaborate outfit. I promise you, I did have plans.

I loved posing with the flowers!

Sammi and Beau both wore Angelic Pretty. Sammi looked incredible in her Lyrical Bunny salopette. Salopettes are so hard to pull off well, but Sammi is petite and she looked brilliant. Of course, Beau looks pretty too in Jewelry Jelly! I think Beau made a brilliant choice.

Michelle was also in Angelic Pretty. She was wearing Candy Treat. I know Michelle really wanted Candy Treat so I am so happy that she got it. Michelle wanted an action shot and I simply love this photo. Raine was wearing off-brand. Her brown dress looked amazing on her. I think Raine needs to do classic more often.

I am very very VERY sorry Jenni! This was the only shot I got of you and it is blurry. I thought I had got some shots of you. Jenni was wearing a gorgeous Moitie dress. Jenni pulls off gothic really well.

As you can see from this photo, Francesco managed to come to Green Park. Here he is interviewing Michelle and Jenni. I got paired up with Raine. Sammi and Beau missed out on being interviewed so we are hoping Francesco can come and film us in July. I am organising the July meet so I want to make sure everybody who comes is happy and comfortable. We were a little unprepared for the filming but I was glad we met Francesco. I hope he got some good footage. I really want this documentary to succeed because I think Francesco understands the fashion well and will represent lolitas in a positive way.

We were very busy but I managed to buy this Chocomint necklace in Chinatown. I am so happy I got this despite the high price! I think this necklace is very "me". One day I will make an outfit completely co-ordinated around my blog name!

Although I was tired, I think Saturday went rather well. I am now desperate to go back to London again. I think everybody in our group looked lovely. I have to admit, I felt a little under-dressed next to my friends. Overall, I think this meet was a success!


  1. The picture of you in the flowers is so adorable *__* You're very photogenic :)

    Also, a lolita documentary? That sounds awesome! We definitely need more English ones-- the most comprehensive one so far seems to be the Quebec lolitas one, so this is exciting news.

  2. Thank you! The photographer really put me at ease.

    Yes, the group has been contributing for a documentary. It will be out on DVD but they are also trying to get it shown on BBC3. The idea is to show the fashion without the whole "point and stare" thing. So it will hopefully go in to more depth and show a more realistic view of the fashion.

  3. It looks like you had a lot of fun, and you all look so pretty doing it. Wow, it's so cool you will be teaching people about lolita~

  4. Thank you! Hopefully we have represented lolita well. I don't think my appearance will be that big but we are hoping to do a bit more filming. I will let everybody know when it is available to watch.

  5. very cute pictures:D and that salopette on your friend of yours were SO cute :D

  6. Yeah, Sammi looked amazing. She is so lucky looking that good in a salopette!

  7. Where in China Town sells Chocomint stuff? I've not really had a good chance to explore around there properly yet!

  8. Qu'tse, 55-57 Charring Cross road. There are a few shops within one shop and there was a small display of Chocomint stuff there. No star clips sadly! Just to warn you, their stuff is a bit over-priced. There are lots of cute little shops around that area. Someday, I fully intend to make a Chinatown guide!

  9. Wow you all looked amazing. I hope your documentary is shown on tv that would be awesome. And yes, a chinatown guide would be great...I never find those amazing shops when I'm in London. Maybe you should do a Lolita's guide to London? :-)

  10. I think I should be back in Chinatown at some point in July. I will make sure to get as much together as I can!

  11. Agh! That picture of me is awful!! What am I doing looking all hunchy? haha!

    Also, I found out your necklace is actually by the Japanese brand "PARIS KID'S" :-) ♥


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