Monday, 6 June 2011

Meta's Fairy Tale series

Today I thought I would discuss Meta's latest print. It is simply called Fairy Tale. The series has 3 dresses, 2 skirts, a bonnet, a rectangle headdress and a pair of socks.

I am going to break with my usual print discussion traditions and start with the print close-up. Why? Because I simply LOVE this print and I feel it should be at the top of the post! I got a little sentimental when I first saw this print because when I got married we had a bird and butterfly theme. The tables had bird cages decorated with flowers and mini butterflies. So this print means a lot to me because it reminds me of my wedding every time I look at it. I love the bird cage part with the fairy (sadly, there were no fairies at my wedding), the delicate flowers and the dark butterflies. It is stunning. The print is available in black, off-white and lavender. I have chosen to show the lavender because I think the print works best in this colour.

So, I really adore the print but what about the dresses?

This is the OP. To show the details better I am also using the draft picture.

My initial thought about this dress was that it had that "fake bow" detail on the bust. This design appears to be fashionable amongst the big brands right now. I am still unconvinced about fake bows because I feel they can sit awkwardly on the chest area. Judging by the draft picture, the fake bow does not look too severe so hopefully it will fit well. The shape of the bodice looks well fitted and realistic to the average girl's body shape. Considering the size of the sleeves, I think the sleeve puffiness looks about right. The bodice part is quite plain but thankfully there are 2 bows with a line of pearls to stop the dress looking too boring. The neck tie looks very long, which is good because it means you can tie it in lots of different ways. The skirt part looks nicely rounded. The skirt part has been kept very plain but with a print this beautiful, I think this is a bonus.

My main issue with the OP is the back.

As we can see from the draft picture, the shirring part is very exposed. But the thing I really dislike is the tulle bustle on the back the bottom hem trim. I think the tulle parts look a bit rough and messy. I know some people like tulle but personally, I don't think it works on this dress.

And so, on to the first JSK. The bodice part looks well fitted on this dress too. The waist ties look well hidden so they don't affect the dress outline. The front of the bodice has corset detail. The corset part looks well spaced but I would have liked to see darker ribbon used. The ribbon is a bit too light compared to the main part of the print. There is a detachable bow at the waist with a line of pearls. I think it is a nice size. The dress may look a little plain without the waist bow but I also think it might make a nice hair accessory. The straps are a decent width and the lace has been kept small and simple. The shirring panel on the back of this dress is also very open and exposed. In the pictures the back part looked like it was being overstretched so the neckline was being pulled down south. Maybe it could have done with a bit more material so it will sit better on larger girls. The skirt part looks very rounded and spacious and will probably hold a lot of petticoat underneath. I also love how the skirt has been kept relatively plain again so the focus is on the print. The bottom is finished with a simple ruffle, which looks a lot better than the tulle on the OP.

This is the second JSK. Unlike the other 2 dresses, this JSK is loaded with frills and details. The bodice is covered with large ruffles. The ruffles look like they have been constructed well. Usually I dislike loads of ruffles but I think the bodice part looks pretty. The bodice looks like it will fit well and the waist ties are again well hidden. I think the neckline is a little too low. The straps are a good size but they point outwards a bit which may encourage them to fall off the shoulders. There is shirring on the back but this time it is covered by a tidy looking corset. The waist bow is big but has been kept simple. Thankfully you can remove it if you want to. This dress has a very strange detail to it- the front part has a line of rose shaped buttons running all the way down it. Does this mean the front of the dress can be completely undone? I think this dress would look a lot better without the button part. The buttons also interrupt the print on the skirt part so there is a harsh break in the print. The skirt part is incredibly rounded. Although lolitas like some pouf, I think the skirt shape may be too exaggerated. Whilst the ruffle on this skirt looks pretty, I think the simpler skirts on the other 2 dresses work better than this one. The bows on the ruffle are bit on the big side too. The bottom of the skirt is finished with a ruffle and there is a layer of dot lace on top. I think the tulle lace looks better than the OP. Meta could have used something a bit more elaborate than the dot lace (the fully shirred skirt not shown in this post uses crown shaped lace).

This is the bonnet. I have never worn a bonnet but I like the size of this bonnet. The bonnet is not too big and the design is simple. The good thing about this bonnet is that Meta have added a small comb to it so hopefully the bonnet wont move about too much. There is also a bow on this bonnet but it is not that obvious. The rectangle headdress (not pictured here) looks like any standard rectangle headdress. I am not a bonnet fan but this time I think the bonnet is better than the headdress.

These are the socks from this series. The roses and the bow look beautiful. It is interesting that Meta have chosen to put the details on the back part of the sock so you can't see it from the front.

So would I buy from this series? YES!!! As I type this entry, I am working out how to get some extra money together. I want to buy the fully shirred skirt and possibly the bonnet (it will be my first ever bonnet!). As far as the dresses go, I think the 2nd dress is the best one. The 3rd dress is too OTT and I think the 1st dress is spoiled by the back part. As fas as the colours go, I think lavender looks the nicest (these would also be my first lavender items if I get what I want!). The print really appeals to me. It is stunning. Of course, if I go ahead and order these items I will be happy to review them when they arrive!


  1. That black one was so beautiful! me want!

  2. I want the skirt so bad! Must make some more money!


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