Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bodyline expand their wig designs

Today I decided to check the international Bodyline website and there are loads of new wigs! These featured in this post, and more will be available soon but have already been listed on the international site. Some are just restocks of older designs but there are loads of new ones too.

I thought I would have a look at a couple of the new designs.

This wig is a longer version of a split colour wig that was already available. Bodyline have started to experiment with split wigs recently but before now there was only one shorter split wig available which only came in 1 colour. But that has all changed! Bodyline have given us different lengths like the one above.

A similar design, this time with curls. I thought that this wig looked a bit thin towards the bottom and could do with more thickness to it. In some places, the curls look flatter than other parts.

Bodyline clearly think that natural colours are fashionable right now. For me, this is a huge relief! Some lolitas shy away from the bright pastel coloured wigs. A lot of the colours have brown hues so they could do with adding a bit more variety. However, I think they have made a good start! I thought this wig could look very natural. The wig is multi-toned so the colour does not look as solid as it did before. Out of the new wigs, I thought this one looked the thickest. This is my favourite out of the new designs.

Bodyline have also attempted a hime princess style pouf design. I think it could have used a bit more pouf but it is a good first attempt. It might have been a good idea if Bodyline did this wig in 2 parts so users have more control over the styling.

I have been considering getting a wig so that I have something to throw on when I don't want to spend hours styling my own hair. After seeing Gothic Lolita Wigs and Bodyline wig designs in person, I am now leaning towards getting a Bodyline wig. I think that Bodyline's wigs have improved. Although their designs may be a little behind when it comes to following trends, the designs still look wearable. The prices appear reasonable with most costing $31-$37. Please keep this up Bodyline! (and please bring back DHL shipping too)


  1. I got my wig from Body Line yesterday, a pink one and it was SO fantastic!:O

  2. Brilliant! I bet it looks really cute. I am so happy to hear of people liking their Bodyline wigs :)


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