Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Strawberry nails- 2nd attempt

I was intending to wear my new Bodyline skirt with the strawberry print over the weekend but sadly, the meet I was attending got cancelled. For part of my planned outfit I decided to paint my nails to look like strawberries.

I should point out that I am not doing any more 3D nails with the deco clay right now. The reason is, I was getting annoyed with the clay. I spent ages making stuff but I was not happy with the end results. So it seemed pointless wasting my time. I am focusing on painting, stickers and jewels now.

For these nails I used a nail art kit which I found brand new in a charity shop for £3. I was very pleased with myself when I found it! These kits can cost 10 times what I paid. It has all the colours of the rainbow and black and white too. The bottles have a thin brush and a nib for the more detailed parts.

These are the results-

Bear in mind this was my first attempt at using the kit! The green dried a bit darker than I was expecting and I think the green part is a little wide on a few of the nails.

To do the yellow polka dots I used the thin nib part. I did the dots in rows so they looked neater. I thought doing the yellow bits would be the hardest part but it was surprisingly simple!

This is how they looked yesterday-

I did the nail art last Thursday so they don't look as good as they did.

Solo nail shot! I think I needed to make the green lines sharper. I should have done it with the nib but I used the thin brush. At least I know that for next time. The top coat I used was very shiny so it took me ages to get these photographs!

These took me about an hour to do. I could have spent a bit longer and maybe they would have looked better. I will be doing my nails like this in the future too.

The trouble is... I can't bear to get rid of the strawberries now! I am going to a meet on Saturday and I wont be wearing my strawberry skirt. By Saturday my nails will probably look chipped. You can already see in the last 2 photos that my nail has started growing at the bottom.

These nails may be going soon but they will be back...


  1. I have made strawberry nails many times, but it's not alwasy that easy:P Sometimes I ruin everythig xD

  2. I think the reason these took me so long was because I was scared of ruining them! I always have to rest my hands on a table to keep them still.


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