Friday, 1 April 2011

Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale by Baby

I got a little distracted by that Bodyline bag yesterday so I shall be doing the Baby print review today. Baby have a new series out called Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale. The set comprises of 2 dresses, a head bow, socks and a skirt and bag (pictures currently not available for skirt and bag at time of posting). Both the dresses are JSKs so there are no OPs this time.

I am starting with the Chocolita JSK (interesting name!). At first I thought the dress looked a little plain but it is good that there is more focus on the print. I quite like the shape of this dress. Please note that there is a waist tie poking out on the right hand side in the picture. At first I thought the skirt was wonky! The skirt looks as though it is a decent size. It looks as though it can hold a decent amount of petticoat underneath. The bottom of the skirt has a line of cute heart lace which I felt blended in with the print very well. The bottom hem is finished with a simple ruffle. The waist bow has also been kept simple and is removable.

The main details on this dress are on the bodice. Firstly, I will start with a small dislike I have on the back.

After seeing how the front of the bodice looked (see below) I was a little disappointed by the back. On the front the lace looks quite tidy but when that line of lace reaches the back it gets a little more messy. At least the corset part looks quite tidy and the edges are finished off with more simple lace.

Thankfully, I like the front a whole lot more. The bodice looks a little spacious on this dummy but hopefully a real person would be able to fill it a bit better. Most of the bodice is kept plain so the focus is kept on the details on the neck line. I was a little unsure about the straps but considering the chocolate theme, I guess it does fit. Whenever I picture boxes of chocolate, I always imagine them finished off with a pretty ribbon. I am hoping that the straps are quite sturdy because they look a little flimsy in the photos. We have 2 more ribbon bows which livens up what would otherwise be a very plain dress. I also like the line of removable pearls. Overall, this dress is more focused on the print. I tend to think that if you are a print fan, you want a dress that shows off the print. This dress does this well and you are not too distracted by other details.

And this is the Chocolierre JSK (again, interesting name!). This dress has more details than the first dress but still manages to show off the print quite well. One of the first things I noticed was the front corset. The bold brown ribbon used stands out quite a lot. Whilst it is pretty, it is a deeper colour than the browns used in the print. Personally, I found it a little distracting. However, the ribbon used looks like it is good quality and the corset does look tidy. It helps that there is also 2 small bows at the bottom of the straps. If those bows were not there then the corset ribbon would look very out of place. The lace running along the sides of the corset is thick. Whilst I don't dislike it, I don't think it is as pretty as the lace used on the first dress. The straps on this dress appear stronger and thicker than on the first dress. These are finished off with some very thin lace. The back of the bodice has another corset hiding the shirring well. I am still very unsure if I like the double corset look but I kind of like it on this dress. The skirt part does not looks as puffy as the first dress but it looks a bit longer in length. And I am sure this dress will still be able to accommodate a lot of petticoat pouf. The bottom hem is finished off with some lace. To me, it just doesn't look as appealing as the first dress.

This is the print close-up. I think it has a European feel to it. All the different houses are pretty and very detailed. I love the scalloping at the bottom with the flowers and hearts. I also like the little bows running along the squiggly line part in the top half of the print.

And finally, here are the socks. I adore these! I love the simple bows and the cute little chocolates, which look very 3D.

I think I would like to own part of this series. I would probably go for the first dress despite the fragile looking straps. Or I would wait to see what the skirt looks like. I also think the bag could be very cute. I like Baby's take on the chocolate theme. I doubt this will be the next Melty Chocolate but for a chocolate themed dress I think Baby's design is more mature. I think Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale is an interesting series but as far as recent Baby goes, I still want to get Twinkle Dreaming Princess the most!


  1. I've mentioned this on my recent LJ post - I hope you don't mind :). I really like your posts like this.

  2. Oh, thank you! I don't mind at all :D


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