Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Youtube latest- Hyper Japan and ducklings!

I have now uploaded all of the videos I took at Hyper Japan to Youtube. If you saw my videos on Photobucket, these are the same videos but if you missed my Hyper Japan post last October this is your chance to view the fashion show. I have videos of Misako Aoki (who is very cute in real life!), Tania Tanzil, this guy from Kera magazine (forgotten his name! Sorry!) and the models that were there on the Saturday. There is some Moi Meme Moitie, Black Peace Now and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

All are available on my youtube channel here-

If you have already seen my Hyper Japan videos, maybe you would like to see some ducklings I saw in Oxford last Sunday! I have uploaded a short video we managed to take whilst peddle boating. The ducklings are very cute.

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