Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pretty Bodyline bag!

I was going to do a post on the new Baby series today but instead I am going to show Bodyline some love!

An item I have been watching on the Japanese site has made it on to the international site. I am talking about this bag-

As soon as I saw this I thought the print looked very pretty, especially considering this is Bodyline. I adore the roses and the mirror. The bows and pearls set off the bag nicely. I am not as keen on the way the lace has been used but I still want to buy this bag.

But what I am really hoping for, is that Bodyline will use this print on a dress or skirt too. It could go horribly wrong but I think Bodyline has improved recently so I am wishing and hoping. It would not be the first time Bodyline has released a bag and then a matching dress or skirt. I believe the carousel bag made it on to the site before the skirt and JSK did (which eventually proved a huge hit and Bodyline even restocked it once).

The trouble is, I don't know which colour I like best. I would usually veer towards sax blue but I prefer the pink one this time. But I have been wanting to add more red to my wardrobe and the black version looks so pretty. I think I will probably go for red or black (or both!).

I don't know if Bodyline will use this print on further items but I think this is one to watch.


  1. Oh wow, its beautiful! I haven't wanted anything from bodyline for a while but if they make that into a JSK I think i might have to nab one :D


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