Thursday, 28 April 2011

Items of Desire- lace stickers

I was looking on a website called Pretty and Cute and I found these lace stickers in the nail sticker section-

Sadly, these are currently out of stock but hopefully they will come back some day.

I have chosen these as an Item of Desire because of how easy they are to use. I have attempted to use real lace on nails and you have to put the lace on at the right time or it goes funny. Sometimes it can be very fiddly and a pain to get right. These stickers are far more convenient and because they are strips, you can cut them to your ideal size. These lace stickers would make a lovely decoration to nails or you could use them in the background and place something else on top. Of course, there is no reason why you would have to limit these stickers to your nails. I am sure people can come up with some more inventive uses!

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