Friday, 22 April 2011

Sheep Garden by Angelic Pretty

If I don't get a chance over the weekend then I just want to say Happy Easter everybody!

Today I am reviewing Sheep Garden by Angelic Pretty. The set is made up of 3 dresses, a skirt, a head bow and socks. Here is the official AP picture-

As you can see this print features 2 cute lambs, one wearing a bonnet and one wearing a bell. Whilst these are cute, I really like the little blue bird! I want to see more of the cute bird. I was initially confused by the inclusion of strawberries in this print but I don't think they look too bad. Some people will say this is just another typical Angelic Pretty print. However, I did not think this print was as crowded. The lambs were a bit bigger than I was expecting but generally I thought the print was cute. My main complaint is the colours look a little washed out in places so the print does not stand out that much.

This is the tiered JSK. It is very casual and looks more like a sun dress than an AP creation. I am enjoying this more relaxed approach because I think it is easier to wear. The bodice part looks like it will fit well. The heart neckline is very cute and the crossing straps work well with the relaxed design. There is a second set of straps but they are not very noticeable. The second straps will help give a bit of support and hold up the dress better. There is a small simple bow on the front. I think it is a good size. The back has a large panel of shirring which is very obvious. I also felt the waist tie was a little messy. The skirt has 3 tiers. It looks as though there is not a lot of gathering so it does not have that lumpy look that you get with some tiered dresses. I did think that the shape of the skirt was a little too triangular but the advert above makes it look more rounded. It also looks more spacious in the advert so it will be interesting to see how the actual dress turns out. Along the lines where the tiers meet, there are some very small bows. If the rest of the dress had more bows then it would probably look too much but these bows are small and blend in. The bottom hem has some lace with strawberries on it. It is not the cutest strawberry lace I have seen but it is still pretty. I think it would have been interesting if AP had some sheep shaped lace made but maybe AP thought this would not work well.

This is the other JSK. This time the bodice does not as well fitted as the first dress. It will probably suit a smaller bust. The bodice has a fake bow detail. If you read my recent Alice and the Pirates Time of the Rose review, you may remember I was a little hesitant about these fake bows. I was worried they would sit strangely on the chest area. This fake bow is a lot smaller and less obvious than the AatP one. With this dress, I don't think it will look too bad. The straps are a good width but are angled outwards. This could cause problems if you have narrow shoulders. I think it is a little unnecessary having 3 bows around the waist. One would be enough! At least they are fairly small. Unlike the other 2 dresses, the shirring in the back has a corset part covering it so it looks less obvious. The skirt area is pretty plain so you can see the print better. The skirt is rounder than the first JSK and I think it looks better. Again, it looks very voluminous in the advert so hopefully it will create a nice silhouette. The bottom hem is almost identical to the first dress and features the same strawberry lace.

This is the OP. The bodice looks as though it will fit well. I thought the use of stripes was very clever on this dress. The vertical and diagonal lines make the waist look smaller and the horizontal lines make the chest area look bigger. It sort of tricks the eye in to thinking the waist line is more defined and smaller. The sleeves are slightly puffy and appear to be finished off simply with what looks like some very thin lace. I got a little confused by the random lace panel. In the close-ups it looked like a square of lace which had ribbon criss-crossing over it like a corset. This dress also has a triple bow detail. This time it is along the neckline. I admit it looks better than the triple waist bows on the JSK. Thankfully, there are no other bows on the dress and the bows are small so AP just about manages to pull it off. On the back there is a large panel of shirring which takes up almost all of the back. It looks quite obvious because there is nothing there to hide it. I thought it looked a bit cheap. The skirt on the OP is generous so most petticoats will fit under it. The bottom hem is finished off in the exact same way as the JSKs.

This is the head bow from the set. At some point I would love to get a bow like this. The folding makes it more interesting and it gives it more movement. Hopefully the shape will stay that way and wont get flattened. It is a different way to finish off an outfit. It makes me think of presents finished off with a fancy ribbon!

These are the socks. The sheep are absent so you can't immediately tell they are related to this series. These are a little different from your usual strawberry socks because of the inclusion of the fake ballet shoe. There are also some polka dots included. I think I would have liked either polka dots or strawberries but maybe not together. I don't think the 2 patterns work well together.

I think my favourite is the tiered JSK but I wish they had concealed the shirring on the back better. Out of the colour options, I think black looks the best because you can see the print more clearly. With the other colours, parts of the print blur in to the background. I think if you are buying a dress for the print, you want to show it off as best you can! I usually dislike seasonal prints but this print is cute. However, I wont be buying anything from this series any time soon.

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