Monday, 11 April 2011

Primark Sailor Skirt

Last week was absolutely horrible but after a hiccup with our router, I am back! I am still feeling gloomy about my granddad dying but I really wanted to post today because I want to distract myself. Due to not having internet for most of today, it will only be a short post tonight,

I have been on another trip to Primark. I was very happy with my last Primark find- the stripy floral dress, so I was looking out for any other potential loli-able items. In the end I decided to purchase this skirt for £12-

Originally, I was intending to buy this just for casual wear as it is a nice basic piece but I think this skirt could work for sailor lolita too. It is very simple and the shape is a lot nicer than it is in this photo. As far as I could tell, it only comes in navy blue. The belt was included but I think I will be replacing it because it looks a bit flimsy.

Unfortunately I do not have any worn pictures this time but do keep an eye out in the future! I briefly tried it on. I deliberately wore it slightly lower than my actual waist line and the skirt ended a little above my knees. However compared to how short some Angelic Pretty skirts are now, this skirt is probably around the same length. Bear in mind I am about 5'4''. I guess you could layer a longer skirt underneath if you were worried about length. I managed to fit a petticoat underneath the skirt quite well. I managed to get a decent shape so I was really happy I got this.

It is interesting that all these fuller skirts have been appearing not just in Primark but all over the high street. Sometimes I see skirts which do not immediately make me think of lolita but could have a lot of potential. If you were looking for a cheap new dress or skirt, now may be the right time to have a look in your local shops. I have a huge expo coming up in May so this skirt was ideal for my current budget.


  1. Haha yes! I made a post recently that included this fabulous skirt! We seem to have a similar eye for high street loliables XD
    I can't wait to see how you coordinate it :)

  2. Cool! I will hopefully get some matching navy and red items. Then I can give sailor lolita a try this Summer! I just had to buy this when I found it :D

  3. That skirt is so cute. Wish there was a Primark near me :(


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