Tuesday, 26 April 2011

More peach please!

I saw that somebody was asking about 'Orange Lolita' online today. It is a colour which seems to be rare for lolita. We are bombarded with yellow, blue, pink, mint pastel shades and deep gothic colours and for some reason, orange does not fit in as well. I personally am not a fan of bright shades of orange. I have nothing against the colour, it has just never appealed to me and I worry it wont suit me. However, for a long time now I have wanted there to be more peach coloured items. Peach is a lot less harsh than full blown orange and I think it will suit more people.

Pretty roses! I have always thought that certain classic outfits would benefit from some peach. The easiest way to do this would be with a simple corsage made from a fake or real flower. I chose roses because I think peach coloured roses have this delicate romantic feel. My mother used to have loads of peach coloured roses in her garden and they smelled amazing.

In the first rose picture the roses have a very orange hue but this second rose shows that peach can be pink and even yellow tones can be present. The colours blend in well together. I think this rose demonstrates how good peach can look with yellow and pink. I have been thinking of other colours peach could go with. Creamy colours would probably go well and certain shades of green could contrast nicely. I think pink and peach would work best.

So, after randomly googling images what peach lolita items did I find? Not a lot.

This dress looks very delicate and pretty. It is more pink than peach but the colour has a peach undertone to it. I don't remember who made this dress so I have no idea how good it is in real life.

I also found this skirt which was commissioned by an Etsy shop. If you want to get peach lolita items, then getting pieces specially made might be the best route. At least then you can specify what you want. I thought this skirt was very floaty and light. It makes me think of Spring time but I would use it during the Summer too.

After searching for dresses and skirts, I tried to find a peach blouse (please be careful when searching because for some reason, 'peach blouse' brought up a load of naked women!). I think I want a peach blouse most of all and then I would like to thread matching flowers in my hair. I was unable to find a blouse I liked but this bolero. It was from a cosplay shop but I would not let that put me off buying it.

Peach is a popular wedding colour and wedding websites appear to have a lot of peach items. I found this rose bag on a wedding site. A bag like this would make a huge impact to an outfit.

The same website also brought up this wrist corsage. Personally, I would remove the bright pink gems.

I recently purchased this flower headband from Primark. In real life, the roses are more peach than pink. I want to find a way to add this to a lolita co-ordinate. I am thinking of doing something '60's hippy' with my hair and possibly adding more flowers. As for the dress, I am thinking of using my Meta lucky pack dress which has yellow roses in the print. I want a long sleeve peach blouse to finish off the outfit!

So I definitely think that there needs to be more peach lolita! I am surprised that peach and orange are not more popular. Peach would look gorgeous with classic but would also suit sweet. Orange is a bit more difficult but maybe it would look great on certain skin tones. I hope that lolita brands take more notice of these underused colours in the future!


  1. Peach is such a pleasent colour and not as harsh as orange. I love the rose bag, so pretty!

  2. I would have never have thought of looking at wedding shops for inspiration but after finding this rose bag I am going to keep looking at them. It is such a pretty bag!


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