Friday, 11 March 2011

Versailles Rose Bouquet by Baby

I am feeling a little better now so I just had to do another print review today! Today I am focusing on Versailles Rose Bouquet by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The set comprises of 2 dresses, a skirt, a barrette, a head bow, a bonnet, a tiara, a necklace and socks.
This is the Rosary JSK. It has a lot of interesting details. The bodice features 2 large bows. These bows have a lot of lace on them but on this particular dress I don't think this looks too bad. The bows are possibly a little too large and I don't really see the point of having 2 of them. One would probably have been enough. Also, in a few of the close-ups I felt the bows looked a little wonky. It probably wouldn't be too hard to fix this or remove the bows altogether.
Another concern of mine is that the frilly straps look a little uneven. If you look at the frill on the left side of the picture it appears to be one continuous piece of fabric. But the frill on the right side of the picture looks like it stops to the right of the top bow. To my eyes, it appears uneven.

It is hard to tell how well the bodice fits with the frill in the way but after looking at the back, it appears to fit well. The back has corset detailing to cover the shirring. The corset ribbon matches the bows on the bottom hem on the skirt.

Personally, I would have preferred the skirt part of the dress if the frills running down the front were not present. It would make the skirt look a lot simpler but because there are lots of details I don't think it would look too boring. The frills have floral lace layered on top of some more lace. I was a bit unsure about the lace underneath. I don't think it looks that pretty and the floral shaped lace would be enough. The bows on the skirt are pretty. They stand out because they are a solid colour. I also like how the bottom hem is finished with just a ruffle and no more lace. This dress already has a lot of lace on it and I don't think it needs any more. The skirt has a nice shape to it. The shape is not too exaggerated which is useful if you wanted to wear the dress for a classical co-ordinate but at the same time it could be used for a sweeter style.

The other dress is this Carlotte JSK (was that meant to say Charlotte?). This dress has some very daring and experimental details. The bodice has some small corset detail which uses delicate ribbon. It is very similar to one of the Scent of Rapunzel dresses by AaTP. Whilst there is less of the ribbon on this dress compared to the Scent of Rapnuzel dress, I still dislike the way it has been used. The corset is very small and the holes are close together so at first glance it doesn't really look like a corset. Maybe it would look better if thinner ribbon had been used. The bodice looks very fitted. The website says the waist can go up to 30.31 inches which is surprising. I would not recommend this dress if you are close to the maximum measurement. The straps look a decent size and are finished with pretty double layered lace.

One of the biggest details on this dress is the use of gold tassels. It reminds me of those ties you get to tie back curtains. It is a very bold choice, and I do usually like a bit of experimenting, but I really dislike the tassels. I also strongly dislike the way the fabric on the skirt sits. It looks like they were trying to drape the extra material (again, this reminds me of curtains) but the fabric sits awkwardly and it bunches up in places. I think the skirt part really lets this dress down.

This is the Lorraine Autrish bonnet. I really love the roses here. I wish they were available as a separate headpiece. I have never been a massive fan of bonnets and this bonnet has not done a lot to change my mind (despite that fact it is called Lorraine. That's my real name!). I thought it was slightly too big and whilst I like the roses, I think that both the bonnet and roses together are too much. It is a bit OTT and both would look better if they were separate. Also, I can't help but feel this bonnet may be heavy and the fabric may not stay in the position you want it.

I thought this series had an underlying hime theme so luckily Baby have provided a tiara. It is a very beautiful design but I don't think the price is truly justified. It doesn't look like it was that expensive to make.

Here is one part of the print-
This is the main floral part of the print. I think this is very pretty. I would have liked to have seen a deeper bolder red on this colourway. The jewels are beautiful but could do with a bit more definition.

There is also this part-
This part features more of the jewels surrounding the flowers and a mirror which makes clever use of the Baby logo. However, I got a little confused. Why is there a random cherry floating around in the print? (I assume it is a cherry) I am talking about the one in the top right of the 2nd close-up photo. It could just be part of the floral design but I immediately saw a cherry. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the theme. On a more positive note, I felt the selection of colours was very broad.

I am not impressed with this set. It is good to try new ideas but Baby appear to be trying too hard. I think they have made a few poor design decisions. I doubt I would strongly want anything from this series.

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