Monday, 14 March 2011

Trying to make the most of Spring

After a harsh winter which seemed to drag on for ages, I am really happy to see signs that Spring is on the way. The temperature is slowly creeping back up, flowers are starting to bloom and little baby animals are starting to emerge. I even saw a really tiny baby squirrel in my garden a few days ago! Generally, I usually find spring an easier season when it comes to wearing Lolita fashion. Despite buying multiple layers to wear I still struggled a bit this winter. It made me think about how I could use the spring season to my advantage, just so I can get the best of it.

Apparently this photo was taken close to where I live. Snowdrops are my favourite flower!

Here in England, we are a little strange. We have this thing called Daylight Saving Time. Basically, the clocks go forward an hour in spring and backwards an hour in fall. I know that not every country does this. The reason we do it is so that we can make better use of the lighter hours during the sunnier months. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially in spring because we lose an hour, but it can be useful. As the evenings get lighter I find it easier to take more photos. Although I take photos of myself, a lot of my photographs are taken by my husband James who works long hours. Right now James is getting home in time to catch the sunset. I like taking advantage of the changing light. Also, I usually find that meets held in the spring and summer end later.

Another good point about spring is all the flowers that are starting to open and the trees are covered with blossom. Suddenly places which seemed dull during the winter are now bursting with colour. I love discovering fields full of flowers or old trees which I may have previously overlooked. Forest and woodland areas are especially pretty during the spring. Flowers make an interesting feature point in photos. You could even try to match the flower colours to those on your outfits. Also, flowers which are in season tend to be cheaper in the shops because they can be sourced more locally. So if you wanted a pretty bunch of flowers to liven up a room or for a gift, then there will hopefully be a bit more variety.

As far as shopping goes, the new season usually brings in lots more colour, especially pastels. I think a lot of people around this time of year have a desire to brighten things up a little bit. It doesn’t seem to matter what is in fashion, pastels are usually everywhere. This is great news if you are a fan of sweet Lolita or even classic Lolita. I have already found a lot of loli-able items appearing in stores all over the place. I am currently keeping my eyes on floral items and pastel coloured jackets.

And then there is Easter! This also influences what appears in the shops. I have seen a lot of bunny and chick items on sale. You don’t just have to look in the usual fashion shops. Budget and value stores usually stock Easter themed items too. A good example is an Easter bonnet. In some countries children take a straw hat and then decorate them with an Easter theme. I spotted a cheap Easter bonnet in a 99p store and with a bit of customising it could look very pretty. This is great for those on a limited budget. Plus you can get some very cute goodies in bakeries. I am not a religious person so apart from swapping Easter eggs with James, I don’t do a lot. This year I am thinking about suggesting an Easter egg hunt as one of the activities for a loli meet!

There are lots of other reasons why I love this time of year. I am sure this Spring will be a lot of fun. I shall make the most of it before the stifling sweaty Summer heat kicks in!


  1. The daffodils are out here, Luna!
    Regards Caroline

  2. I went to my mum's house on Sunday and she has loads of daffodils. So pretty!


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