Monday, 28 March 2011

Oxfordshire Lolita Meet March 2011

So last Saturday was the March 2011 meet for the Oxfordshire Lolitas (we even have our own special facebook group!). We decided in January to hold monthly meets but sadly I was unable to attend the Feb meet. This time we went to Swindon instead of our usual meeting place of Oxford. Michelle very kindly drove James and myself there because buses make me ill. I was so happy to see my lovely friends again. We spent the day at an arcade and went bowling. Dinner was held at Pizza Hut because the Chinese place was shut. But I am glad we went to Pizza Hut because we had the loveliest waitress ever! She gave me yellow and red balloons. They even matched my outfit!

This meet saw the public debut of my dream print which I recently obtained!

I should probably point out that because I only just got my March of the Duck skirt, I did not have much time to prepare an outfit! Plus my on-going petticoat crisis meant I was not getting the level of pouf I desire. I would have used a better picture of myself but we took some pretty horrendous photographs of me (which are already all over facebook. Good times!). Luckily we did get some nice photos too.

Outfit run down-
Skirt, headbow, swan necklace (wrong way on in photo)- Metamorphose
Shirt- GLP
Tights- offbrand
Shoes- Bodyline
Charm bracelet (just seen)- Claire's
Duck earrings (not shown)- offbrand, purchased from Angel Pretty (Camden)

And I felt this was the nicest group shot that I have. Left to Right we have- Beau and Sammi twinning in Bodyline (at least 4 of us own this waffle print!), Raine in Angelic Pretty, Nicola in Bodyline, Jenni in Moi Meme Moitie, Me in Meta and Michelle in altered Bodyline.

You know how loads of lolitas do the same old shoe shot over and over again? Well, here is our alternative version-

Check out our sweaty bowling shoes! Seriously hideous but we just HAD to take this picture!

I had such a great time and I cannot wait for next month's meet. I think what I loved about this meet was that it was a little different. Sometimes it is good to do things which are not stereotypically seen as lolita activities. Everybody said that they had a good time so it was worth it.

Finally, I would like to thank the lovely people who sent me messages on Poupee Girl. I had people telling me they read my blog and that they enjoy it. This really made me happy! Thank you so much!

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