Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Help me out? :)

I should hopefully be resuming my usual blogging activities soon! But for now I have a huge favour to ask everybody. I would really appreciate your support!

I have recently entered 2 competitions on Facebook. I entered the Gothic Lolita Wigs contest but I have given up hope with that one. I admire a lot of the girls who have entered and it seems that a lot of other voters agree with me! So I am now going to put more focus on this 2nd competition. It is open to MAF members so if you would like to enter too, then you will have to join MAF.

If you would like to support me then please do the following-

1. Like this page on Facebook-

2. Scroll down until you find my entry (I have submitted the photo above)

3. Press the 'like' button under the image. This is really important- to vote for me, DO NOT click on the image or it will take you away from the MAF page and you will only be liking the image in my photo album. If you are redirected, then your vote wont count. The 'like' you need to press is right beside where it says how long ago I posted the entry, which is under the image. A few of my friends were a bit confused by this.

As you can see my entry is Alice in Wonderland themed. Yes, I know a lot of lolitas are sick to death of Alice! I had this really great idea for an outfit but sadly I don't have all the parts to put it together correctly, so this was actually my 2nd or 3rd choice. As you can probably see I have worn my Bodyline Alice print skirt (and a very flat un-puffy petti!) with some AP replica shoes and the Baby umbrella which I recently got off a friend who won a competition. To add a bit of interest I have pinned playing cards to my socks. I ended up pricking myself a few times with the pins which wasn't very nice.

So if you could vote for me I would really appreciate it! Mega thank you to anybody who votes for me!

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