Monday, 7 March 2011


I have been feeling very ill over the past week and so my posts have been a bit erratic. I have been functioning on less sleep as a result of this and I have no energy. I have not fully recovered yet and I think I should just let myself rest for a few days. I should be back very soon and if I am not better I will have to visit the doctor. I will probably still be online a little bit but I can't do as much as I normally do. So please bear with me and hopefully I will be back to normal soon. Thank you for your patience.

Ok, I am going to go and crawl back in to bed with Pokemon Black and some of my favourite snacks. See you all soon.


  1. I have health issues so understand although what I have is no doubt different to yours. Just take some rest as the internet will continue on with hundreds of thousands of new posts regardless and don't be afraid to seek appropriate medical advice.
    Hugs, Caroline.


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