Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lolita in Secret challenged me; Lolita Pet Peeves!

Well, I saw a post on EGL about this so I decided to give it a go! So here are my top 5 lolita pet peeves (in no particular order)

1. Not being able to wear bonnets- I just don't think bonnets suit me. I have seen some absolutely stunning bonnets but when I wear them I feel like I am doing some sort of age play because I look like a big baby! Good on other people but not on me.

2. Dresses with mini pom poms in place of lace- a good example is in my last post about the new Usakumya dress. I hate them!

3. People who take advice the wrong way- when I try to give advice I try to be tactful about it and I try to be constructive. I am not trying to insult you or your co-ordination skills, I just want to suggest things to you so please don't shout at me and call me mean :(

4. Petticoats that don't stay poufy- I sometimes resort to wearing 2 petticoats because I find some just lack the pouf you are trying to achieve. I hear you should hang your petticoats upside down so the pouf stays so I may give this a go.

5. Competing with other lolitas for bargains- whenever I see something I want on the sales community, I see somebody has already come along and snapped it up! The English brand sites always seem to be out of stock, lucky packs sell out in seconds and some sites are slow because of the sheer number of people visiting at the same time. I sometimes feel like I am entering a war zone! I plan to get a lucky pack at the end of the year but whether I will actually be able to get one is debatable. I especially don't like people who buy lucky packs just to sell them on for a higher price. If you don't want them for yourselves, please save them for somebody else.

It felt quite good getting that off my chest! Although lolita can be a stressful hobby, I think the positives outweigh the negatives and I think my pet peeves are relatively small worries (except the last one maybe). OK, challenge complete!


  1. Have you tried etsy for cheaper lolita clothing? It's my new favorite thing and I plan on selling clothes there too :P
    And I agree with number 1.... I love them but they look horrible on me ;_;

  2. Point 4. I agree: The point behind the petticoat is add 'pouf', which is precisely what I love about them. If I really wanted flat I've plenty of pencil skirts to wear and I guess I'm not alone.

  3. Are lucky packs those things that contain miscellaneous stuff and you only know a theme but not the exact contents? If so, remember you're getting one jewellery themed from me and it's just for you so you don't need to compete with anyone ^_^ I think I still need to make a few more pieces but I've got some done already!

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  5. ClaudiaEthos, I don't think I have looked on Etsy for lolita clothes before. I have mainly been looking at Deco kits. I will have to give it a go sometime. I would love to see your designs if you plan to sell on there :)

    C B, admittedly my petticoats are faily cheap ones but I still think they should last longer! I don't want to resort to ones with wiring in them if I can help it.

    Saoka- Yes that is roughly what a lucky pack is. Thanks again for making me this jewellery. I am looking forward to seeing what I get :)


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