Thursday, 28 October 2010

Candy Treat by Angelic Pretty

At Hyper Japan I purchased the November 2010 issue of Kera magazine. A picture of a new AP print caught my eye. I waited for some official pictures on their website. Eventually, the images were released but it is hard to do a print review when you can't see the print clearly.

So I decided I would use a scan from Kera. Unfortunately Blogger doesn't seem to be liking my pictures today so I have just one poorly lit photo (I am rubbish with photoshop so it has not been lightened). So here is that one photo-

I have to say that I have not been that impressed with Angelic Pretty recently but I do like this print. It is not very clear in my picture but the print has love heart sweets on them. I thought this was very cute. Then there are the heart shaped lollipops and jelly beans! If I was to choose a sweet which summed up Angelic Pretty, I probably would pick a jelly bean. I think the print is fun and I like the way the lollipops have been bunched together. It is kind of hard to tell with the girl sat down, but it looks as though the skirt has a lot of pouf. I also think the socks look really cool. Also I would love a tutorial on how to make one of the candies the model is posing with :)

Judging by the official photo, the headbow looks quite stiff. I think stiffer bows are easier to shape and they don't look floppy. It is also good to see that the other details are simple. The main focus point here is the print and the other details do not take the focus away. I think AP are fully aware of how much their fans love their prints so I think they made some good decisions here.

Also, I don't know if it is part of this series but one of the models was wearing this blouse which had candy stripe details on the sleeves and collars. I had a look on the Japanese site and I couldn't find the exact blouse. I noticed a similar one from the Merry Making Party series but I don't think it is the same. Again, this appeared on a photo I was unable to upload! Anyway, I thought the blouse was a good matching piece. The candy stripes had this 50's candy shop worker feel to them. The stripes really stood out but again, it was not enough to take away attention to the dress print. In my opinion, Candy treat is a well balanced series. I certainly think this is my favourite AP print of recent months.


  1. Maybe it's just because I'm not an AP fan (or prints in general) but this just looks exactly like all their other ones :\

    That's just my opinion though ^_^

  2. I can't decide whether or not I like it, but it does look like jewelry jelly to me, but with blue in the print. From a distance.

  3. It is hard to review AP when they all look so similar. I like Candy Treat because the jelly beans are cute :)


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