Friday, 8 October 2010

Recent brand prints

Lots of brands have been releasing new prints since I last reviewed some. Today I will be doing 3 different prints which have caught my attention. Also worth a mention is the new Alice and the Pirates set called Vampire Forest. I don't know if I will be doing a review on this or not at the moment.

So, for my first review I have chosen the new Baby print called Cinderella Jewelry. Pictured here is the princess one piece. There are 3 dresses and 1 skirt design but this is by far my favourite of the lot.
The dress pictured is in my favourite colour from the series, royal blue. This set also comes in brown and Victorian black. There is also Rococo pink and a cream colour but I don't think these colours suit the imagery of this print as well (although they still look pretty). I love how the front is parted at the front showing a bit of white bustle underneath. I prefer bustle details which appear on the front because when they are on the back they can make your backside look huge. The sleeves are detachable. I quite like the sleeves so I think this dress looks good both with and without them attached. This dress has lots of cute little details like the necklace around the neck which features the Baby heart logo and the buttons are shaped like roses.

Here is the print close-up featuring lots of draped jewels and Cinderella running down the staircase after losing her shoe. It is a very romantic image and it is instantly recognisable as the Cinderella story. There is a lot of shoe themed jewellery that accompanies this set. Although beautiful, the jewellery did not really stand out as anything special to me. I think this a very strong series. I applaud Baby's design. I just wish I was able to fit into my favourite dress above! It turns out I will need to get a different one because I only just fit into the maximum measurement!

Next up we have Merry Making Party from Angelic Pretty. There are times where I hate reviewing Angelic Pretty because the images take longer to come out so for now I am making do with this picture.
An interesting point to this print is the inclusion of alcohol. There is a cocktail glass featured here and overall the print has a New Year's Eve party feel to it. Although this print is quite standard for AP, it doesn't quite look as overcrowded or very cutesy as other series. I think this is an improvement. Just recently I have not liked AP's prints as much but I could imagine myself getting to like this series a lot. One of my favourite bits is the stripy bows included on the dresses to the right of the image and the smaller blue dress pictured. I think they improve the dresses and I wouldn't have minded having a matching stripy head bow. As I said before, I think this is standard Angelic Pretty so people are either going to go mad for it or they wont be that impressed.

And for my last pick, I am reviewing Nostalgic Chessboard by Metamorphose. I am really in love with Meta right now! I adored Moonlight Night which I forgot to review (sorry!) and now I have seen this print featuring a chessboard. I really want this one in black! (or maybe navy blue). This print comes in an interesting choice of colours- Black, navy Blue, grey and a very dark looking green colour. A very classic looking set. Like the Angelic Pretty set, this set also features stripy bows! Metamorphose has taken the stripes a bit further by using it on some of the trims and at the bottom hem of the skirt.
This model is wearing my pick of the 3 dresses available. I like the 2 bows near the shoulders. I also think this dress has the nicest shape. One of the other dresses which has 3 bows running down the front of the bodice, has a skirt with 2 tiers and I thought the silhouette looked a bit lumpy. The skirts have been made to be slightly shorter so if you firmly believe that lolita skirts need to be knee-length (I personally don't have an issue with this but I know lolitas who insist on knee-length) then this one may not be to some people's taste.

Caro-chan from F**k Yeah Lolita commented on how it is similar to Meta's Old Emblem print. As many of you probably know, I love Old Emblem! That is probably why I really want this print. Other brands have done chess board prints but I think this is my favourite. Some other chess prints have a very strong Alice in Wonderland sub-theme. I have nothing against Alice but there are already so many Alice inspired prints. I don't think Meta intended this to be an Alice inspired print and they have used crowns and little trinkets instead of obvious Alice themed items.

And here is a draft picture of the socks from this Meta set. Even if I can't get the dress, I fully intend to get my hands on these socks. I want these so much!

Right now I am debating which is the best way to spend my money. I currently can't afford to buy much lolita during this Hyper Japan aftermath period. Plus Christmas is coming up too! Why is it that loads of good things always choose to come out at the same time? I want the Baby and Meta prints featured above. Sigh.

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