Monday, 25 October 2010

A trip to Oxford and the Rose

Seeing as some plans to meet local lolitas in Oxford again fell through, I ended up going with my husband James instead. Luckily he said it was a treat so I didn't need to spend any money. Thank goodness! I was meant to be spending the little money I had on Christmas presents but I ended up having to buy a load of essentials from Boots instead. It was very frustrating but at least I now have a rough idea of what I am getting some people.

The main point of the trip was to come here-

The Rose!!! A few months ago I randomly discovered this article about the best places to have tea in England. A majority of the places were in London but then I noticed there was one in Oxford that had made the list. Sadly we went too early for the afternoon tea but I was determined to go inside anyway!

To look at this picture you would never believe this cafe was one of the highest recommended in the country. It looks quite basic and the canopy even looks a little grubby. The interior is also basic and there are not many seats. This is not a place to go with a big group. Ideally you would need 5 people or less. However, I did not go downstairs so I have no idea if there is further seating. The lady who served us was polite although a little quiet. When we were seated there were only a few people but as time progressed, the Rose slowly filled up. It just goes to show how popular this place is.

I ordered the Croque Monsieur which at £6 is quite expensive but Oxford usually is pricey. I got given a plate with a small salad and my C.M and I was very content. The food tasted lovely. James got the club sandwiches and got a massive plate! I am glad I didn't order that too because there is no way I would have finished it. James also seemed pleased with his food. I just wish we had saved room for cake. Although the scones for the afternoon tea were not available at the time we chose, the Rose were serving other cakes from their menu. The lemon drizzle cake was making my mouth water. The carrot and walnut cake had a thick layer of icing on it. I really wanted some but sadly I don't think these cakes were available for takeaway.

But the whole point of going to the Rose in the first place was to sample their tea. I was not in the mood for tea myself but thankfully James was so I sampled some of his. He ordered Phoenix Pearl Dragon Tea. It is one of their two speciality teas. The tea is scented with jasmine and when you first receive your tea, the leaves are shaped like a little pearl. The cups given were small so James ended up pouring 3 cups from the pot we were given. The first cup was very delicate with a very slight hint of the jasmine. The second cup was probably the best because by then the flavour was really coming through. The third cup was a it too perfume tasting for my personal taste although it was still beautiful. The Rose has a variety of teas from different countries. I think there are about 13 different types of teas and the usual soft drinks you find in other cafes. Sipping jasmine tea in the Rose was very relaxing and I am glad I went.

Afterwards we headed back into town for a bit just for a general browse. I ended up having a make-up demonstration by this guy in Lush Cosmetics. He knew more about make-up than me! I was impressed by his knowledge. I found out that I actually have a yellowy skin tone instead of pink (and also that I am insanely pale but I already knew that). So a big thank you to the friendly man in Lush :) I also found a boutique style shop on the walk back into the town centre. It is called Aspire and it had many vintage style pieces. I will definitely go back someday so I can post my finds. After a lot of window shopping and claiming free samples from the Fudge Kitchen, we ended up in Macdonalds because we wanted to try the rolo McFlurry (very nice) and we walked up to Toys R Us with our ice cream despite the cold weather. It was fun to just walk and chat with James. As much as I love my friends, I also love being alone with James. A lot of my Christmas present inspiration actually came from Toys R Us but that is the only clue my friends are getting! I am plotting something...

Afterwards my feet were really sore. I can always tell how good my day was by the state my feet are in. I hope I can meet up with my lolita friends soon and hopefully by then I will have more money. I didn't actually dress in lolita this time. It was probably a good thing because I felt tired and the weather was not brilliant. I just placed a bow on my head and some Angelic Pretty jewellery on my fingers and headed out. I wear lolita a lot less when it is cold. I find it a bit awkward when the weather is so unpredictable. I think I need to break this habit so I can show everybody what I am wearing. Sadly with my lack of funding my wardrobe is lacking a lot of the stuff I desire. If I could have one wish for 2011, it would be to handle my money with more responsibility because I never seem to learn my lesson. I really hope my wish comes true.


  1. I wish they sold Lush in the US! I don't want to have to buy it online ;_;

  2. It is a shame you can't visit a shop. Going into a Lush shop and smelling the soaps is such a great experience. It is not the same just looking at pictures :(

    I am very lucky to live so near to one.

  3. I’ve been trying to exercise and drink more tea everyday. With and these flowering teas, it’s been a breeze!

    Up til now, Jasmine Flower is my favorite!


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