Sunday, 24 October 2010

AP Melty Moon accessories

Usually I don't go for items that are related to a specific holiday. I worry that I will only wear them when the holiday comes around and for the rest of the year they will just be gathering dust. But, I can't help it... I really want this ring! (I apologise to the person who I took these photos from!)

I had seen the AP Trick or Treat accessories with the bat on the sales community before but I only saw the Melty Moon jewellery today. I think it is fun to mix creepy with cute. Also, considering my lolita name is Luna Rain, I think moon jewellery like this suits me :)

Whilst I think the colour combination of orange and black is a bit too obvious for Halloween, I wouldn't mind getting hold of the black or pink ring. The person selling these ran out of them (cue sad face) but I have high hopes of them being able to get some more. I suppose making rings like these would be easy. I did find a jewellery making guide which had rings similar to these ones. I will have to wait and see what happens.

I also like the necklace but I prefer the ring. Compared to my other necklaces this one is a little bulky. If I got the pink ring, I would consider getting the matching necklace.

So my wishlist keeps growing and growing. The other day I was actually considering selling my entire trading card collection. I estimated that I could get £1000 if I sold the entire lot O_O but I don't think I have the guts to sell my entire collection. So now I am thinking of ways to sell off a little of my collection so I have the money to buy a few of my favourite things. I am getting a little weighed down by Christmas coming up and I have 3 major birthdays in November. A little part of me is actually longing for January to come!


  1. I want the pink ring so bad - it makes me think of Sailor Moon!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember Sailor Moon! I watched it all the time but then they took it off the TV here. I loved it! Sailor Moon would definitely like these rings :D


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