Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Usakumya- the latest from baby

Usakumya is back! Whilst I think these designs are a bit too young looking for my personal taste, I thought some of the details were interesting.
What I like about the JSK is the ribbon detailing. They have folded the ribbon and it is quite effective. It would look strange to have the ribbons flat in this sort of position but by folding it, it helps to lift the ribbon so it is not flat and dull looking. There is just one line of heart lace running across the bodice and 2 bows. However, I have never been a fan of the little pom poms like the ones along the bottom hem. These pom poms look fairly small but I still dislike them. I would have preferred lace here. Also, the polka dot ribbon used is very shiny. I can't help but notice that it looks almost identical to a ribbon that was tying up this pyjama set I got from Primark recently. Maybe if I hadn't purchased those pyjamas I would have liked it more. The strange thing is, that although there are lots of details, I still think this is a simple looking dress.

The coat looks very thick and it would probably keep you very warm. I like the use of fake fur. Whilst I don't like the pom poms on the dress, I like the ones on the coat. It sort of imitates rabbit tails so it fits the theme. There is also a heart on the back with two additional pom poms but this is removable so if you thought it was too much, you can just put it aside. The ribbon used here is less appealing to me. Overall my favourite part of the coat is the collar. I love having something warm to tickle my neck.

There are also two bags I noticed being released. Usakumya bunny shaped bags are popular (although I have spotted that they also have their haters) but these new bags just feature the Usakumya logo featured on the dress and coat. One is furry and the other is heart shaped. Will these be as popular as the bunny bags, I wonder? I do not intend to get a Usakumya bag anytime soon but if I did I would want the bunny bag rather than just the logo (my favourite bunny bag is the black version).

In other news, my husband is treating me to afternoon tea on Friday! I hate being broke but it is his treat. I have a lovely kind husband! I am very excited about it because the place we are going to is very popular and has a good reputation. The place is called the Rose and it is in Oxford. It recently got some high praise and its most famous tea is a Jasmine tea called Phoenix Pearl Dragon. I know James will be going for this tea. I will probably be having a traditional cream tea with scones, clotted cream and mini sandwiches. The Rose is somewhere I have wanted to go to for a while now. It is great when you get to do things you have been looking forward to :)


  1. I don't know if I would like a dress with those extra ribbons on it. If they don't sew them down right, they could get caught on all sorts of things and tear the dress.

  2. I dislike the pom poms as well. Makes a otherwise pretty dress look like a childs craft project.

  3. That is a good point about the ribbons. I am quite accident prone so I would probably end up snagging this dress if I had it ^_^'

    I have never understood the fascination with these pom poms on dresses. I think they look odd. I wish brands would stop using them.

  4. Humm I guess I'm alone in liking the pompoms.
    Oh well I always have been an odd one. :D

  5. Well, it is good to be different! At least somebody likes them :)


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