Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Dream In A Midsummer Night

Go to http://www.babyssb.co.jp/ and then click on the reserve page. At the bottom you shall find a link to this beautiful dress.

I have always thought that Alice and the Pirates was a very special brand. Their pieces are always stunning and it is rare for them to get a piece wrong. In a lovely dream world where money is not an issue, I would snap this dress up in an instant.

I think if the blue was a tiny little bit darker I would choose this colour over the black. It is not as vibrant as previous blues and it does not "pop out" as much. Personally, I think the white waist ribbon would have looked nicer if it was the same pale blue or purple seen in the print. You want the ribbon to stand out a bit but I am not sure that white was the best choice.

Shape-wise, I definitely prefer the black dress. It looks a little more graceful. I like how the straps are wider. Usually I prefer wider straps because they are less likely to slip off your shoulders. The bottom edge is also more interesting on the black version. By the looks of it, it is velvet (which would explain the headbow also featured on the page).

The print is... dreamy. It certainly lives up to its name. The butterflies are so beautiful and I love a lot of lolita dresses which have featured windows. This dress has both open and closed windows so there is a lot of detailed window frames. The colour of the pattern looks better on the blue dress in my opinion.

Also worth a mention is the bracelet with the cute butterfly on it. I am not sure the necklace works as well as the bracelet does, but I would definitely want both. But the best part of the jewellery is the butterflies on the right. I can't quite see if they are meant to be earrings or rings! They feature butterflies in flight and it seems you get 2 colour options- pink/gold and silver/blue.

Overall, the design is very classy. Oh, why do I have to be so broke!? I really want it!


  1. You mentioned some jewellery... How about making a post about lolita style jewellery, I would be interested in knowing what sort of things lolita people wear with these dresses.

  2. Of course! That sounds like a fun post to make. I will need to do a bit of research and track down some pictures but I will give it a go!

  3. Great! I make jewellery out of silver coated copper wire and beads so if you can find me some tips I could try and make some and maybe send some to you as well.


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